RE: Some Thoughts On Hive Backed Dollar (HBD)

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What would be really interesting to me about the whole HBD thing is the idea that IF it truly can be held as a stablecoin, what would happen if an actual use case emerged in which it became the de-facto currency base for commerce within the Hive ecosystem. Consider a peer-to-peer marketplace in which the accepted currency is HBD, and good and services are priced in HBD. Would the draw of being able to "go shopping without the fiat, and without leaving the ecosystem" somewhat limit the amount of HBD being plowed into savings? Would people start "saving up" so they could buy that PS-5 from a Hive-based seller?

There is something very attractive about that, because even though you can use a crypto-based debit card to buy (for example a PS-5) it ultimately requires shuffling through currencies and getting to fiat... which might include transaction/exchange/gas fees.