Why can't we bulk sell tokens yet??

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Why can't we bulk sell tokens yet??

Why can't I "Sell all" or "Sell selected" tokens on Leodex or Trbaldex yet??

A lot of us holds Bro-, Dhedge- and Index tokens which gives us more tokens, some we want to stake and some we just want to sell ( or some I just want to sell). So when I get 18 or however many different tokens I get, why can't a bulk sell 12 of them yet?

Its getting a bit ridiculous to single sell all of the small tokens I get which I don't have no interest in.
Could a bulk sell be an option? It could just be set at the markets price and traders could do single sell options.

I mean. I don't have the technically knowledge to know if this is hard or anything, but we can have smart contracts on BSC and make projects like Cubdefi, so this things seems so small :D

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