LeoAlpha weekly curation digest 2

The LeoAlpha project's aim is to spotlight the best content posted to Leofinance, and promote these posts to external audiences. It's been…

Cosmos Airdrops - Multiple incoming - updated guide.

Cosmos Airdrops The Cosmos eco-system loves airdrops, with just a couple of the notable success stories being Osmosis and Juno. There…

Osmosis progress update - OSMO now top 100.

Those following me would know that Osmosis is one of my favorite projects. For the record, I am heavily invested, having close to 50% of…

I Swap BUSD into $Cub on Metamask for a possible airdrop

Rumor has it that Metamask will do airdrops based on if you have ever swapped assets on it. Says here: This is how they put it…

How to stake UST on Anchor

Walkthrough for staking UST on Anchor in order to earn 20% APY. Anchor is a savings protocol that offers low-volatility yield

Cool. Now I can provide liquidity on dcity! Hive-Sim pair

Haven't logged in my dcity account for a long time and I did this morning and found that my SIM balance now is more than 70k. Not a big…

Pump it. Pumping. Pumped.

Pump it. Find a tool. ![DSC_9559.JPG](

Another Milestone Achieved: 5000 CUB-BUSD LPs staked in

After this milestone I have made this goal today. Now I'll let the magician of time to work its spell. 🥳🥳💪💪 Posted Using…

I have finally reached my goal: 10,000 $CUB in Kingdom! 🐾

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Acquaintance with crypto ... seriously what would I miss without it?

Have been quite occupied with work lately for quite some weeks. Therefore, I couldn't quite follow what had been happening in the crypto…

Tapping into Osmosis dex $AKT/$ATOM pool

Take a look of @jk6276 's posts on Osmosis dex if you are unfamiliar with all these Cosmos family matters... this is the latest one:…

Osmosis Liquidity incentives

This post is basically going to be of little interest if you are not involved or invested in the Osmosis project. I am posting here as…

Airdrops 🚁 - easy social tasks to get some YesOrNo tokens!

The YesOrNo Blockchain online betting project. Check their website. Team looks solid. "YESorNO" Easy social tasks (telegram and…

My first POB post - How do I prove that I have a brain?

Seriously, I have not got it yet. pixabay It seems POB is kind of popular so I finally take some time to log in and have a look.…

Have a piece of $CAKE at $Cub Kingdom!

pixabay So if you haven't heard - the Kingdom has arrived at the Cub land. No SOON anymore. It's now AUTO !…

Airdrop for new Solana ecosystem project: Solanium

I am quite bullish on Solana chain and its price is rising fast recently. So when I see this Solanium project, I immediately decide to…

Airdrops: Impermax Finance, Claim your 400 IMX tokens if you are Uniswap V2 liquidity provider on Apr 25

Check this link for more information. Ain't cheap for doing this: $19 gas fees... Your call. I did it anyway. Who knows what this…

Akashcraft postponed - everything you need to know.

A few days ago, I posted about an upcoming promotion by Akash, for a crypto Minecraft scavenger hunt. Prizes of 1,000 AKT would be…

My Intro to LeoFinance + A Token With an Absolutely Essential Use Case

Hola! ¡Saludos a ti LeoFinance! ¡Feliz trading! My name is Daniel . I was an early user of steemit back in the day, and…

Raise The Caps.

The cry from the Thorchain community has been all over Twitter for the last couple of weeks, with #RAISETHECAPS being the call. For those…