Hive ads on PREsearch

1 month ago
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After looking for an alternative to google, I found a search engine that pays for search: presearch.

The interesting thing is that this search engine is totally friendly to cryptocurrencies, when I searched for hive for example, this was the first search result:


The second result, on the other hand, came exactly from an ads by hiveonboard, an interesting strategy to attract new users to the platform.


I tried to research also about the splinterlands and there was also an advertisement there:


Presearch is currently worth around 6 cents each, it pays for research around 0.12 pre, paying a maximum of 32 times a day, that is around 60 dollars a year if the price remains that. Not bad considering that the user does not need to do anything, just use it to search.

If anyone wants to test presearch and check for themselves whether it's worth it or not. Link below.



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