Will You Invest In Microsoft Xbox x Gucci Series? Early Buyers Made So Much $$$ - What About Splinterlands?

It's a treat for the collectors out there! For gamers..... it's just overpriced. Think of it like buying random NFT. It's basically…

CZ (Binance) Interview & Some Crypto Channels I've Been Following Rece ...

CZ (Binance) Interview & Some Crypto Channels I've Been Following Recently (Content Are Their Opinion Only) https://

Ultra Lightweight Open Source Password Manager - 100% Free - Now Accepting Crypto Donations

The awesome thing about Passky is it's got all the main features you want with apps & extensions while being free & open source. Passky…

SPS Takes A Massive Dip & It's A Time To Buy - Splinter Stats Season 62 Report Card

I've noticed a nice steady dip in SPS while taking a look at Hive-Engine for some trading business (Basically converting Steem to Hive to…

Hive Inflation And Supply For November 2021 | Is the supply increasing or decreasing?

This is a report for the Hive inflation for November 2021. Tracking the HIVE supply has always been challenging and this monthly post aims…

MetaPass By ZELF - Providing Banking Services On Discord & Metaverse

My 1st impression is it's like what Apple Card did with their credit card. Partnered with existing bank to provide services in area where…

Change To Pack Prices Due To The Increase In The HIVE Price

It's great to see HIVE increasing in value and holding strong even during a slight correction in the Bitcoin price. As it has now held…

Call to Action! | Hive and LeoFinance Mentioned As One of The Top Ways to Earn Crypto!

CALL TO ACTION! Hive and LeoFinance were mentioned in a Whiteboard Crypto YouTube video 2 days ago. The video has nearly 50k views and…

New Tribe & Token: Verify Your Brain || vybrainium (VYB)

Announcing the Verify Your Brain tribe and its token, VYB (vybrainium) This post is meant to serve as the initial White Paper…

Few Crypto Millionaires Probably "Do This". It Would Literally Be Life Changing If They Did It

I had a post today about Bitcoin's quite dull price performance lately and why I'm fine with that and also why most of the crypto…

Quick Way To Interact With Smart Contracts From 260+ Chains

The coolest part is the amount of chains that are supported. It's not limited to EVM chains like Binance Smart Chain or Polygon. Even EOS…

I Made 360% Gains From Rising Star #Play2Earn Last Halloween 😎

Turns out I haven't looked back on how this year's Halloween event got with Rising Star. We even got introduced to Animated NFTs. That's…

LEO Being Sold For 0.01 Hive! WTF?

I was just now checking the price of LEO on LeoDex and was having a look at the recent trades. What I saw was a series of trades made in…

Introducing BuyBack & Burn Program for SEED + Initial approach on 'Management Fees'

Hello everyone, As you might know, recently I talked about upcoming management fees on a [recent post](

I'm Looking For A Deal Concerning Splinterlands Vouchers - Splinter Stats Season 61 Report Card

I have finally bought 100 Packs from Presale event for Chaos Legion. But this isn't enouh fo me. What's holding me back is Voucher to get…

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #9 | Mobile App Roadmap, Facebook Hive Lite Accounts, Project Blank & PolyCUB

In This Week's Update: LeoFinance: Mobile App High Level Roadmap Major Lightning Upgrades LeoInfra Integrations to…

A Fully Loaded Update From CTP

As if the news of HivePay v2.0 wasn't big enough huh? Well we've been busy and wanted to go over a few things we've been continuing to…

SPK Network | Call to Action! Help us Test PeerPlays DEX

One of the steps to develop the SPK Network is the connection with PeerPlays. The team has built

Hive dApps Share | Hive Posting Frontends Share And Their Evolution In 2021

Unlike your traditional media that has only one way and one interface to interact with, Hive offers a multiple of them, allowing you the…

Special Rising Star & 1UP Coop-Card Available Now: Win 3x "Juan Up"

1UP is a HIVE community dedicated to blockchain games and NFTs, so we are naturally expanding into all HIVE games by cooperating in…