3 Ways You Can Claim LARYNX & Earn SPK

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No need to reply on 1 method when you have decentralization to bet on. Different folks wil make their own versions to add to the ecosystem. You can have your favourites this way. If 1 thing fails there's few more options. Imagine getting different versions for your banking app or Web 2 social media. You may customize few things with extensions or few settings (like the occasional dark mode)

Hive is no such place. This is even true for sidechains/L2 - whatever you want to call them. We are blessed with options.

It All Started With https://spk.dlux.io

This is OG Dlux experience for claiming airdrop. It's still working today.

  • Just click on the link
  • Just click on the gift 🎁

You'll be on your way next part: delegation!

Option 2: https://vue.dlux.io/me#wallet

If you're not seeing what's above - it means you'll have to log in. Did I mention Keychain is needed for both of the above options! Get it installed. It's the best way to use Hive according to many. Why another front end from @dlux-io ??? Because you can manage

  • DLUX

all from 1 place. You can even check your blog. Give it a try 😃

The Ecency Option: https://ecency.com

You should know about Ecency. It's 1 of oldest Hive front ends we have. They've got a cool mobile app too. I don't use it. I'm a desktop user myself. But the point is... you've got options 😎

Announcement post. You can keep reading more on new updates if you just follow @ecency

3 Ways To Sign Instead of 1

  • Don't like entering keys manually - you'r good 👍
  • Don't like using OAuth2 - your're good 👍
  • Don't like extension - your're good 👍

Stake & Delegate Like Hive 🐝

There's really nothing new here. If you're using Hive already - you already know the drill.

  1. Click on "Delegate"
  2. Select user
  3. Select amount
  4. Sign Tx

I saw @chrisrice on the list. Delegated this month's airdrop to him. Rest was for @regardspk (run by @disregardfiat) You'll find few names you recognize in the list. Spread some delegations around.You get to earn SPK for it. You're also helping Hive & decentralization!

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great reminder! Else its the end of the month soon. !PIZZA

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Hope you won't miss any future airdrops either 😊 !PIZZA !CTP

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Excellent yes I delegated my Larynx LP today.

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Awesome! Don't be missing your airdrops in next few months. I've missed mine before. It sucked! !PIZZA !CTP


Thanks for the heads up.




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