A Friend Wanted To Get Into DropShipping - Here's What I Had To Say

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A friend contacted me after a long time. It was to know more about DropShipping before starting up a course on the subject.It was a call and some E-mails. I did what I could to get them upto speed. I thought the best way was to curate content from the experts in the industry.

I think some of those stuff will help the readers here on https://leofinance.io too. So let's start with something very basic:

It's Not A Scam - But Can Be Exaggerated

We've got videos like these showing how different entrepreneurs are doing. The math checks out. Real people are making real money.

What you need to know is you are seeing the best performers. I'll get an example. Go to https://leofinance.io home page. Check the rewards. All those are real. But most posts are making less than $1. You need to put in lot of work and have luck to make it to those trending lists.

Some Hard Talk

I've made it to trending page on blockchain social media few times organically. That was by being around for many years and consistently putting out quality posts.

Some of my best posts got mostly unnoticed. I tried to make and EduFi series about stuff I've been learning about finances. It got very little attention. Some of my easier to write posts got very much attention.

I feel entrepreneurship is kind of the same. There's many variables. It's hard to predict success. What you can know is more work and more quality will increase your chances of going big.

Few More Tips For Beginners

You'll realize it's not easy guaranteed money. But it's good money. I'd prefer crypto because It's all about finding great Tokens/NFTs and sticking with them. There's less regulations and I feel crypto is easier to scale.

I mean you just put more money into it and tadaaaa! You're making more in ROI......

I get some people prefer a more hands on work with real products and chances to make it big. Not everyone can have diamond paws to HODL when everything is falling apart and try to buy buy the dip only to crash 75% more :)

There Are Many Tricks In The Game

1 of The Good Things About COVID-19

People were scoffing at folks who were trying to make money online like they were mocking us crypto investors. There were too many people not willing to let go of traditional methods. Now we're finally seeing a change thanks to unscientific lockdowns, scares etc.

There's the silver lining. But also expect some serious market saturation. I'd expect the same change of sentiment in crypto adoption too :)

Stay Well & Do Good !

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