History of My dCity Investments & Clever Tips To Jumpstart Your Game Earnings

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I've been playing dCity since the 1st Edition of cards. It was only few days or weeks when I 1st started. I can say that I've got bit of credibility when giving out tips about the game. Not saying I've got perfect knowledge. Just saying I've got experience.

dCity Had Lots of Improvements

It's one of those things that give me confidence. It's like the story of tortoise beating the sleeping rabbit in the race. If you keep advancing, you are likely to get the opportunity to become #1

dCity is the current #1 passive income game for me. It's on Hive with zero fee Tx. It's super easy to use with Hive Keychain. There's lots of strategy involved. There's good tokenomics. Last 2 things help to ensure game assets don't get devalued into nothing becuase players started minting them with very little effort.

Blast From Past

All those are from unpublished posts I didn't end up completing because stuff happens in life. I don't have the nicest work environment to work as a pro blogger. But I've been doing what I can to positive contribute to Hive.

Rewards have been fine. But I'm not cashing out anything. I'm in for the long run. I'm spending absolute minimum in my private life. I don't want to be in a situation where I have to get my crypto out when I want to HODL.

Basic Home vs Apartment - Market Irregularities

Cool thing with having markets is your get some opportunities to really make a change to your portfolio.

5 Basic Homes = 1 Apartment

That's what the stats say. But markets have prices that won't stick with those equations.

I Could Save Over 16.8%

All I had to do was check out the market prices and compare 2 assets respective to stats. I found a deal! If you know easy to compare assets..... you'l find it easier to spot amazing deals!

Job Center is A Must Own

It's going to save you tons of time & trouble coming from Immigrant cards and Homeless cards. I really feel Job Center Cards are super undervalued for what it can do for long term city growth.

That's why I snatched a few to improve my training chance. Stacking few Job Center NFTs becoem extra powerful under government boost.

Eco Energy

This piece of tech gives Solar Plants & Wind Turbines +2 Income. that's a real asset if you've had a bunch of them from 2nd Edition. They are very easy to get common cards.

I found few Eco Energy NFTs for real cheap. It's a Tier 2 technology. They are much harder to find. Only 29% chance to get 1. Prices don't always reflect that :)

Keep That Education At Least At 40

This is me minting my 1st Technology NFT (IIRC) I've only got 3% discovery chance. That should mean 1 Technology NFT every 33 days. It's not too hard to reach 1%. You need 40 Education + Research Center

Research Centers Are Still Cheap

After All - Here I Am

These are the current stats for my dCity gameplay. I've made SIM. I've made Hive. I've mined/minted NFTs. I've invested in game. I've re-invested basically everything made from game.

I'm not the biggest player or investor. I'm not a whale or rich guy in crypto. I'm barely making it work looking forward to a very very very good future.

You can judge all you want. Data is on blockchain. These are the tips I've figured out along the way. Hope they help :)

If they don't........ hope you'd find the tips you need somewhere else. This isn't investment advise. It's investment transparency!

Blog: @dcitygame
Website: https://dcity.io

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