I Paid Off My Student (Debt) Today

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Punctuation is important guys. If you are in the know - you should already have a clue I'm paying off with SIM instead of $$$. If you are new to https://dcity.io here's a quick explanation.

  1. Players with positive income & 50+ popularity get to have free citizens (RNG based)
  2. These can be Homeless, Immigrants or Student
  3. Students may be trained into Students (debt)
  4. University Campuses in city increase chance of training
  5. Students (debt) can be upgraded to Scientists, Workers, Hard Workers, Homeless, Policemen, Soldiers, Eco Activists, Economists, Professors or Lawyers

Cost Me 50 SIM Each

I had collected dozens of Students (debt) over time. Finally made the call to wrap it up. Here's the results:

I liked how it went. So later when I got few more Students (debt) I paid back debt again. Here's how that went:

Wrapping It Up

Today I had another 1. Had that trained as well. It was a smart move to make. SIM cost very little these days :)

Improve Your Stats

Here's stats for few NFTs you might get out of training:

Tax refund from Lawyer is the best IMHO. You may prefer something else based on your setup. Either way I'd say paying off debt is a smart move. 50 SIM only cost 0.018501 Hive trading on DEX 😎🐝💻

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Posted Using LeoFinance Beta