Pizza: Tastiest Token on Hive - Invest $1.63 & Reward Users - No Staking Required

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Hive has so many cool stuff. Hive also has dust threshold. If the post/comment doesn't have $0.02 payout........ you don't get a payout. That means you don't get curation rewards either. This is a HUUUUGGGEEE problem I had. Thanks to higher Hive price I'm doing better. Thee was a time I couldn't vote $0.02 even if I go 100% upvote.

I still voted as a way to show that I appreciate the comments. Most posts I vote easily make past $0.02. So there were no issues with that. I have tokens like LEO, PAL, STEM, etc. So the votes weren't completely wasted either.

Here Comes

It 1st started with getting rewards in Pizza Tokens. They were sitting on Hive-Engine balances. After reading about the Token, I figuredI only need to collect 20 Pizza Tokens to start rewarding others.

  • No staking needed
  • All you needs is a comment with "!PIZZA"
  • No dust threshold
  • Newbies with small accounts can afford

It's Only $1.63 To Get Started

You can barely do anything with $1.63 worth Hive. Instead of blaming Hive, new reward mechanism was created. Only downside is you don't earn curation rewards. But for a token that's cheap to get started and no staking required....... I'd take those few differences.

Buying On

It's a cool way to reward folks you find in the comment sections. Small accounts don't need to waste their Hive vote to show appreciation. From what I've seen !PIZZA command distribute 0.1 PIZZA Tokens. You can spread few cents around at no cost after the initial $1.63

I Might Get To Improve These Stats

Those aren't some great APR for curation. That's my fault for not caring about curation and simply voting however I like. From now on I can make few changes to that. Instead of letting my votes become dust...... I'll be giving them slices of Pizza :)

There's So Much In The Works

Take a look at
There's so much under construction and coming soon. We'll be finally seeing a powerful token ecosystem on Hive that doesn't even need staking to get involved in. There's been few attempts before. Pizza Token looks better than all of them.

All you need is a small investment to get involved :)

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