Proof That You Can Do Business & Make Money While Respecting Privacy - Alternative To Google Business Model

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There's lots of money in what companies like Google are doing. Things won't be changing any soon either. Governments aren't good solutions. At best they'll address some easy issues like how search engines work etc. Even those may not work for the best interest of private individuals. We need different business models. Brave started one with browsers and ads. It's a huge company with an awesome token: BAT!

Paid Services Against Google Analytics


Before coming across Pirsch Analytics - I wasn't even thinking of cookie-free analytics. You can either integrate it directly into your website or integrate it with JavaScript. Pirsch API is easy to use, SDKs for different programming languages, platform integrations, and documentation are all geared towards making the API developer friendly. 1 main benefits of our backend integration is that it can't be blocked by browsers like cookies. Still you can use analytics respecting visitor privacy. How cool is that!

Pirsch Is Fit For WordPress & Works With Google Search Console

Users aren't really loosing much by switching to Pirsch. You can learn more about how they use it on FAQ


You're Going To Pay

Ever heard the popular term: "If you aren't paying for it - you're the product"? With Pirsch you're a customer and visitors to your websites aren't something for Google to snoop on :)


Well Built UI To Make Life Easy :)

It's got lots of cool features you can have an easy time using. I think it's better than Google Analytics. But that's just my preference. This is another awesome thing about free market competition instead of governments trying to strong arm everything.

People can switch to Pirsch because it's a good product. Nobody is holding a gun!




Pirsch Analytics GitHub

You can review these stuff for yourself. I'm gonna stay out of it cause I have no clue. I'm not a programmer. I would be lucky to understand 5% of it :) But smart folks who know about these now have more transparency. Official website is

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Nice, thanks for showing alternatives.

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