Riftwatchers NFTs Flooding The Market in 2 Hours, DAO Vote & Other Splinterlands News

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Wait is over folks! We've come to the point of opening Riftwatchers packs. I've got some with me. I'd like to have more. I'd even like more potions! But I have to manage with what I've got.

Don't Open Without Potions!

You'll be losing lots of potential value.Yo'd be losing the opportunity to get yourself a nice Gold or Legendary NFT. Occasionally you'd get them Gold & Legendary!

I'm super glad devs decided to give more Potions from rewards. What would have been few Potions opening chests is now few dozens on a good day. If things keep progressing like this I might not need to buy Potions.

DEC Is Already Scarce

There's no DEC rewards from #Play2Earn anymore. This is still for the better. SPS has more reliable upside. It's easy to earn APR on that SPS too. To top it off I get to have my voice heard in Voting!

NEW Vote: Earn Extra APR On Splinterlands NFTs

You'll have to hurry up on SPLTD vote. I saw this vote so low didn't even think it'll pass. Now it's gone to majority votes. That's not enough for a pass though. Anyone buying SPLTD packs should thank me 😛 I've got your back on this vote!

This stuff is good to keep DEC prices up. Read Proposal on Hive. SPLTD cost DEC. These tokens stay out of market. That'll help with sell preassure. It'll make DEC more scarce. Maybe.... DEC will go $1+ and we'll be burning SPS too :)

Conqueror Jacek Airdrop

This was't so lucky for me. Guess that's luck for you. You win some - you lose some. There's only so many NFTs printed. Not everyone is getting a guaranteed drop.

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I'm having issues continuing splinterland after I stopped. The biggest issue now is getting DEC as a low level player.


You'll have to get them on https://hive-engine.com

Cheapest bridge to move your Hive in & out: https://swaphive.github.io/swap

Don't miss out on Splinterlands. There's still lots of growth to be had. !PIZZA !CTP


Wow...I'll do my research.



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