Rising Star Protects Its Future With Good Tokenomics - Another 100K Starbits Burned

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Anyone can win when things are going good for the whole market. It's not just a crypto thing. That's why we've had bubbles for centuries. Bad stuff needs to happen to markets for investors to realize what's good.

What sucks about this is sometimes very good companies bite the dust too. Just being good isn't enough. There should be measures in place to survive the doomsday. Crypto projects do this with good tokenomics.

It's Our Monetary Policy

There's monopoly on violence like government do. It's all about voluntary actions & good incentives. Nobody is forcing me to play Rising Star. I just like playing it. Good tokenomics behind the game keeps i sustainable.

Another 100K Starbits Burned

I had Starbits from 9 Millionaire Missions.

  1. Withdraw them to Hive-Engine
  2. Deposited 100K to game
  3. Withdraw 1000 Starbits back

Have to do it this way because how game is setup.


Made Few Bids

Not even sure I'm doing this the best optimized way. I think it's best to do more missions. So I'm bidding on what's got more missions running.


Running Missions

I get Starpro for promoting these missions. Here's when good tokenomics come to play. Did you notice: "Current pool payout = 3.2%"

That's keeping Starpro inflation in check. There's 100 Starpro made if Current pool payout = 100% But that only happen when there's lots of demand. Bear market isn't that great for demand.


System Adjust Itself

It's not perfect yet. Usually it gets complex over time. There probably won't even be 1 right way to play it. That's what makes the economy interesting. Some folks might not like burning Starbits for Starpro. They'd just cash out crypto. I was doing exactly the same. I'm changed now 😇

Pool Rewards Are Here

Pool Rewards.png

  • No liquidity = Less trades
  • Less trades = Less fees
  • More LP rewards - More Liquidity

Nobody needs to force anybody. All you need is a nice set of incentives to get folks to do your bidding. There's $4,790.681 in liquidity. $1+ is distributed daily in LP rewards. That's a decent APR! Remember.... you keep trading fees too 💸

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