How we are fixing DEFI…

Just as any other concept, the success of Defi lies in its ability to maintain continuous growth. This growth happens every day, thanks to…

Tackling unhealthy orderbook ‘frontrunning’ in DEFI.

If you ever traded any of the rampant ‘deflationary’ tokens on ethereum blockchain, Binance smart chain or any similar blockchains, then…

#MyHiveGoals - 1 Hive Is Always 1 Hive

There's a lot of news right now about things that are coming to the blockchain... Excitement is in the air, across all spectrums but of…

Passive Gains and stuff to do with $PIZZA token on Hive-Engine

Over the past few months the $PIZZA team has been working super hard to build tools that will add value to the HIVE ecosystem. Along the way

CryptoWill: Make Sure Your Loved Ones Inherit Your Cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain

It is all for a small fee of 0.035BNB and a very simple process. I doubt the security is good enough for large sums of money. You are…

LeoBridge stats . From beginning to 15th June .

Good evening to everyone . I hope you all are doing good . I have been planning to post about this from last week but I didn't get the…

Dear Mr. Cuban here’s why you should invest in Cubfinance.

To: Mark Cuban, c/o Twitter, and sent to [email protected] From: Shortsegments, c/o Twitter Dear Mr. Cuban, I read your article…

Hive Hard Fork 26 - suggestion for consideration.

Hive's Hard Fork 25 is just around the corner, and likely to go live around the end of the month. I have not followed closely, so don't…

My Pledge To Buy CUB All The Way Upto $40 & Reinvesting What've Made Into CUB Kingdom

CUB hold a special part in my life. It's the 1st time I used a DeFi dapp. I'm still bit of a noob in this area. I've only invested to CUB…

dCity NFT Buying Strategy To Control Immigrants/Homeless

I don't write about dCity often. But I'm always playing the game and checking how everything is going. Over time I've figured out tips &…

NFTfi: The Marketplace for NFT Collateralized Loans | Keep You NFT and Liquidate It Too

During the 2017-2018 bull market I saw projects like SALT lending that gave people loans with cryptocurrency used as collateral. Now we…

Marketing Talk: Why TikTok Will Matter More Than YouTube & Twitter

Guys/Girls, this might sound dumb. But we really need to be on TikTok! I realized this while commenting on @taskmaster4450le post. Here's…

Rising Star Reach 1000 Players & I Reach Level 100

It's nice to see yourself and Dapps you like hit their important milestones. Read the announcment. This isn't some list made to look…

Hollywood Joins NFT: Junkie XL - Composer Behind Justice League, BvS, Godzilla vs. Kong , Deadpool, Mad Max, 300: Rise of an Empire Made Official Announcement

Look, I'm a huge fan of Junkie XL. He's one of the greatest living composers we've got today. He's scored some of the most epic scored in…

New Features for DLUX

Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences runs on side chain to HIVE. This is currently called dlux_open_token but the name has been…

Attracting traffic to Leofinance - Report 8

Hello everyone... Today it has been very interesting to see what is being talked about in the trending pages of social networks, as…