Remember: The time to buy is when people *don't* want to buy.

Welp, here we are....again. The markets are red and our favorite LeoFinance projects are bleeding profusely right along with them. #CUB…

pHBD-USDC my first LeoFinance post - it's a wrap!

Hello Hello Lions of Leo Finance! The first of January 2022 was the first time that I became active on Hive. I was actually born in…

CUB or PolyCUB? How about BOTH.

PolyCUB We'r

Loving PolyCub but...I think I love the original CUB even more.

PolyCUB arrives ![PolyCublogo20220306 013532.gif](

10 FAQs on the newly launched PolyCUB

PolyCUB has arrived. So have the questions. I've been on Discord for the last 8 hours asking some of them myself. Here are 10 questions…

5 Things to Know About Today's PolyCUB Launch

Here we are, a few hours before launch attempt number two for PolyCUB. As I said yesterday, it almost seems fitting that after months of…

PolyCUB launch delayed...but the rewards have already begun.

As we all know, the PolyCUB launch was pushed back 24 hours in order for the team to make a last minute fix on one of the Kingdoms.…

Welcome To the Feast!...PolyCub Set to Launch...How I'm Preparing...

After what seems an eternity, the wait is finally over. @Khal and Co. finally announced today that the much anticipated #PolyCUB platform…

Code is Law

Source The foundation of cryptocurrency can be summed up by the phrase **Co

The wait is over. . . A glimpse into PSYBER X

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This is our first major update in showing you our Cyberpunk
3 mo

Counting the days down to February the 6th. In game footage reveal, and our upcoming scheduled AMA on discord.

Hello everyone! The crypto market as a whole has been a rollercoaster in the recent days, but anyone that has been in the market for more…

Almost 24hrs into the Splinterlands general sale. What have we learned?

Almost 24 hours have passed since the Splinterlands general sale began and the whirlwind seems to have finally slowed down. A

12% What does that really mean?

The Power of 12 12%. That doesn't seem like a very big a number. I mean, if you get 12% of a !PIZZA, you get one piece. Twelve…

It's like the night before Christmas! Splinterlands Sale & PsyberX drone video...

I feel like a kid again. I remember trying to sleep the night before Christmas and I thought it would never happen. Of course it always…

PsyberX continues it's march towards release. A Play2Earn FPS on the blockchain? Yes, please!

Tired of all the farming games and #Splinterlands wannabes coming out these days? I am. Literally every single day I get spam in my…

Why People NEED to Vote on Articles (and why you should be accumulating HP and LP)

Why Do People Vote?

Splinterlands General Sale: What's the right move?

(Note, all images are from my Splinterlands account unless otherwise noted) As everyone is aware, I'm sure, #Splinterland

What do YOU want your account to look like this time next year?

It's the New Year and everybody is thinking about goals. If you scroll through LeoFinance on a daily basis like I do, you'll probably…

It's Official: You can Earn *REAL* Money with Crypto!

Source After spending the last four plus years doing nothing but adding fiat to buy more crypto

So much Happening right now! What should I do?!?

Source The Hive ecosystem is going bonkers! We've got airdrops and IDO's and NFT'