So much Happening right now! What should I do?!?

Source The Hive ecosystem is going bonkers! We've got airdrops and IDO's and NFT'

Will the SEC finally approve a Spot Bitcoin ETF?


Is it Time to go "ALL IN" on HIVE?

Source A Taste of Success What a Thanksgiving Holiday! Everyone owning #HIVE has much to be thankful for this weekend.

HIVE over $1B Mkt Cap and Climbing Towards Top 100

Source Holy Moonshot, Batman!!! Hive just keeps pumping. Up to $3.25 and who knows whe

HIVE and LEO: You Only "Miss" if you Don't Play

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Hive--A Cornucopia of Plenty

Source Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of the year. A day (really an entire

PsyberX is Coming....

There is another new game in development that seems to be creating quite the buzz behind the scenes. It is called #PsyberX and it's bei

Meet the Bakers

Meet the Bakers. Lawson and Kimora. As far as I can discern, they are the only married couple to both be featured in HivePunks. Talk…

dCrops Quest Rewards are Live!

With all the hype surrounding the Chaos Legion pre-sale on #Splinterlands I thought I should point out the fact that there are…

ONEUP Posting Rewards Have Arrived!!!

The moment has arrived. I received my first posting reward from #ONEUP and now can start curating for profit. If you check my blog, I…

With Splinterlands and Play2Earn blowing up, 1Up may be right place at the right time.

It's been a whirlwind couple of months for #Splinterlands and the "Play2Earn" mantra here on HIVE . As everyone knows, the user n

If you're not looking into Utopis, you should be.


How much Splinterlands DEC per day can I earn?

(This guide is written as part of the Splinterlands DEC Guide ) Intro Is it possible to play Splinterlands and earn enough…

Build Your Hive Bags First....

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Splinterlands & CUB: A Pretty Good Pair

Unless you've been hid

Do NOT Sleep on LEO...


Best Defi Platform to Get Involved in NOW: CubDefi

It has finally arrived. After months of waiting and watching the price of CUB bottom out around $0.50, @Khal and the LeoFinance team have…

Why EVERYONE Should Visit LeoMarketTalk Daily....

Every day the users of LeoFinance get on their phones or computers and check out what's going on in LeoFinance. They see arti

What has Changed?!?

Pixabay What has changed? What is different now than 2-3 month

CubDefi: It's Getting Serious....

Cub Staking Kingdom It's time to unveil the bread and butter of this Kingdoms migration. The CUB Staking Kingdom is now live! And…