What is the *Real* value of Hive?

Source Every day we all sit at our keyboards, be they phones or lap

Say and believe what you want, but Bitcoin continues to lead the way

Pixabay Another month, another all time high for Bitcoin as it peaked around $65,000 a few hours ago. After finally br

Time is Getting Short. Build Your Stake...

Source The last two days I wrote about what was in the latest Leo

Kingdoms and a Bridge. Cub and Leo Continue to Innovate...

I'm still processing the update Khal and Co. put out yesterday. It is loaded with a lot of great information and really lays out some of t

Leo/Cub Wen? Now!!!

I just got back from a long day at work and found more good news in one post than I've seen in the last month. After a couple long weeks o

Patience, My Young Padawan


Want to Grow? Prioritize Your Time

Source Everybody wants their accounts to be bigger. It's just a fact of life. We always want m

There is "Buy the Dip". But you should also "Buy the Drips!"

Source We've all heard the phrase "Buy the Dip". It's pretty much *t

My Worst Day on LeoFinance

Source Face it, we've all been there. You open up your brow

If you have a product that you produce and want a simple store front t ...

If you have a product that you produce and want a simple store front to get you started, we have something for you! Vendors get ready to…

If you think it's too late to buy Bitcoin, Think Again.

Source Some of you may or may not know about an OTC "stock" called G

Now is the Perfect Time to Buy Cub

Here we are. Cub at $2. Just as predicted by some when comparing Cub to Uniswap. It truly is amazing how these things follow patterns when

Bitcoin will go to $1M / Why other cryptos won't (part 2)

Source Yesterday I wrote about why Bitcoin will go to $1M. Today I

Bitcoin will go to $1M / Why other cryptos won't (part 1)

Source Better form of Money The numbers keep being thrown out t

What LeoFinance and CubDefi success means....

Source "Money flows downhill." "Success breeds success." "It takes m

Another Gem coming from LeoFinance/Cub....#soon

Imagine you live in the biggest city you can think of. Now imagine that city is divided into two parts by a wide river running between them

The "Other" Flippening: Hive

I'm sure most of you reading this have heard about the "Flippening". It's basically the theory that Ethereum will eventually surpass…

Hive: You're One-Stop Shop for Everything

Imagine you're one of the billions of people out there who haven't put any money into the crypto markets. You've been hearing about…

How to get BNB or BUSD in MetaMask as US citizen-step by step

With all of this CUB stuff happening on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you need BNB in your account to pay for the small transaction…

NOW is the Perfect Time & THIS is the Perfect Place: Hive

Source If you're anything like me, it always seems like y