HIVE over $1B Mkt Cap and Climbing Towards Top 100

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Holy Moonshot, Batman!!!

Hive just keeps pumping. Up to $3.25 and who knows where it will be by the time I get this post published. The crazy thing is that it's WORTH this price. And then some. It should never have been trading where it was for as long as it was with what's been going on behind the scenes.

I literally just wrote two articles in the last couple days on why you should be buying HIVE here and here. A Cornucopia of Plenty, indeed!

Talk about timing.

The HIVE blockchain is one of the best in existence. Period. I firmly expect it to become a top 50 coin. I just didn't think it would happen this fast. lol

As I said, as of this writing, HIVE has reached over $1.1B in market cap and is number 114 on CoinGecko, rocketing up the board. The site can't even keep up with the numbers. lol

hvie32520211125 193541.gif
Source: CoinGecko

We are far from finished. Who knows where this run will take the price but, in my opinion, we are still waaaaayyyy closer to the bottom than the top. At some point it will pull back. It's crypto. They always do. But with everything coming out soon with #3Spk and #HAF and #HAS, etc., there is still lots and lots of room to grow.

Be smart and keep thinking long-term. Do what you want in the short-term. I'm just HODLing. No power downs as I want to keep every penny of voting power I've got to keep building.

This is fun though, isnt' it? :-)

A turkey day to remember, that's for sure. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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