How to get BNB or BUSD in MetaMask as US citizen-step by step

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With all of this CUB stuff happening on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you need BNB in your account to pay for the small transaction fees. This is a minor roadblock for a lot of us in the US. There is an easy solution however. It takes a few steps but since we'll probably be needing it again for future CUB happenings, it's worth learning it now. Here's what you do:

First, you need to set up an account with Binance.US. NOT Binance.US. It's very quick and easy. You don't need to go through the whole verification process to get started. As long as you are dealing with less than $5000, you can skip that part. But, you will have to transfer in a crypto you can trade for BNB. They won't let you send them fiat without the full verification. Check the wallet for all the different coins/tokens available. Then, simply "deposit" a little of whatever you choose and "trade" it for some BNB.

The second thing you need to do is set up a Binance Chain Wallet. I just searched Binance Chain Wallet extension and it popped right up. I used the Chrome extension but there's also a Firefox version. Add the extension and go through the steps and you're ready to start making moves. Again, these are tools you'll very likely want to be able to use in the future so....might as well get them set up now.

Ok, here's what we're going to do. I'm going to give you the steps so you know what we're doing, and then I'm going to go through them one by one below so you can see the process.

First we're going to send our BNB to the Binance Chain Wallet. Then we're going to do a cross-chain transaction to get it on BSC. Then we're going to send it to Metamask. Got it? Okay, so....

First, open your new Binance Chain Wallet. Next, make sure the network on top says "Binance Chain Network". Binance.US is not on BSC. That's where this wallet comes in.

BinWal network and address for bin chain20210311 112641.gif

Copy the address.

Then go to your Binance.US account, wallets, and then click the withdraw button on your BNB.

BUS step120210311 102226.gif

Paste the Binance Chain Wallet address you just copied in the Recipient's BNB Address box. Then, enter the amount you want to send. (I tested it the first time with .1 BNB (~$29)) The fees are low so I didn't waste much by doing this twice. Up to you...

Click Submit. Now go back and open the Binance Chain Wallet again. It should show up in a few seconds. You may have to open and close it a couple times to see it. Just depends on how busy the network is.

Now, go to the network dropdown box on top, click on it, and choose Binance Smart Chain Network.
BinChWal networks 20210311 103017.gif

Once there, copy the address.

Now go back to the top and switch back to the Binance Chain Network (that's where your BNB is). From there, click Send and paste the address you just copied into the Address box. As you can see, a note pops up telling you this is a "cross chain transfer to Binance Smart Chain" (BSC). That's what we want. Enter the amount and click Send.

BinChainWalcrosschaintransfer 20210311 103502.gif

Go up top again and switch back to the Binance Smart Chain Network and you should now see your BNB there. Again, if it's not there, you may need to close and reopen the wallet.

Now, to send it to Metamask. I'm assuming you already have the BSC (Smart Chain) set up in Metamask. If you don't, there are plenty of tutorials around to walk you through it. Take the time to do that now if you haven't already. Don't worry, your BNB is safe in its wallet until you're ready. :-)

Once you're set, go into Metamask and copy your address. I usually make sure I'm on the "Smart Chain" network when I do it but I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter. The addresses are the same. But, why take the chance, right? :-)

Metamaskadd 20210311 104515.gif

Now, reopen your Binance Wallet again. Click Send. Paste your Metamask address into the address box, choose amount and click Send.

BinChainWalsendtoMM 20210311 105135.gif

It will ask you to confirm. You should see From BSC To BSC with the relevant addresses. Click Send if it looks right and DONE!!!

confirmBinchawalsend 20210311 105337.gif

You should now see the BNB show up in your Metamask wallet (again, it may take a few minutes so you might have to open and close it a couple times, just so you know).

You are now set to start working defi in Cub!!!

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps. I know it would have helped me and, truthfully, depending upon how often I need to do this in the future, I'll probably end up using it myself. lol

Incidentally, although I haven't done it myself, you should be able to follow these exact same steps with BUSD instead of BNB.

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