Patience, My Young Padawan

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Wen? Soon. But Wen? Soon. But, seriously, WEN??!

I follow a couple game devs on discord and about 4 years ago they finally learned their lesson: NO ETA's!!! lol Seriously, the absolutely BEST thing that can happen for Khal and team when they give an ETA is they hit their projection. Everything else is construed as a negative. So there really is no upside whatsoever in giving an ETA. Especially when you could very well be dependent on an outside agency to deliver on time as well, something you have absolutely no control over. I haven't spoken to him but I'm pretty sure that's where Khal is headed.

That said, progress reports are pretty much a necessity. We need to know things are moving in the right direction if he wants us to try and maintain the momentum. It's a team effort when it comes to that. I would expect he'll have one of his famous announcements of announcements in the near future. Wen? No ETA's. lol

All of THAT said, I think we might be a little spoiled. I mean, its been less than a month since Cub came out, right? The audit is now out. #LeoBridge and #ProjectBlank are in the works as well as #CubKingdoms and a governance token. That's a LOT of pieces to fit together. And it's been a month since we got an absolutely MAJOR development in Cub. Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months in crypto. Especially in a bull market. But, the fact is, it's still early. Cub is still paying gargantuan yields. We've barely scratched the surface of what this can be.


I get that we all want to know when the next announcement is coming, but if the Leo dev team has shown us anything over the last couple years, it's that they deliver. Hold the course. It will come when it's ready. In the meantime, I'm enjoying me some FAT Cub yields and slowly accumulating at low prices. Remember the Uniswap chart? Here's a reminder in case you forgot....

UNI 20210407 162841.gif

You could have bought as much as you wanted for under $4 from the end of September until the end of December. Three full months. I can already hear the people crying, "I should have bought more when it was down."

My advice? Focus on the opportunities we've got in front of us. The rest will come when it comes.


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