PsyberX continues it's march towards release. A Play2Earn FPS on the blockchain? Yes, please!

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Tired of all the farming games and #splinterlands wannabes coming out these days? I am. Literally every single day I get spam in my Discord hyping new this and new that, with none of them having anywhere close to the polish and potential that #splinterlands does. Not only that, most of them are being created on blockchains that, even if the game does succeed, will cause major headaches for users and devs both down the road. Between those, the arbitrage channels, and the "You Won 0.03 Bitcoin" garbage, it's getting old quickly.

There is only so much time in the day and I've got all the games I need right here on #hive. Personally, I like #dcrops and, of course, #splinterlands, and I'm looking forward to seeing what #ragnarok turns into. But what really has me excited is a completely unique and innovative game called #psyberx. Even the name is cool!

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It is a first-person shooter in the mode of Call of Duty or Fortnite and it's coming to the HIVE blockchain. The initial buildout of the game will feature up to 50 players in a kill-or-be-killed free-for-all, or possibly teams of up to 50 players each battling it out for supremacy in a cybertech world. The team at **Royal Reptile Studios has been building this for the last six months and the countdown timer is down to only three weeks until they release their first gameplay footage.*

In 5 [now 3] weeks we will release a preview of the gameplay, which will showcase everything that has been developed so far: UI completion and other in-game mechanics such as fighting (shooting, melee combat, using explosives, dodging, crouching, taking cover, killing, screen recording in-game), and much more.

We have also created 5-10 environments to showcase in-game features as well as to bring you into the PsyberX Universe. (These will be tied together when the full game is launched, as it will be a map similar to Fortnite with many biomes). Article

I can't wait! A sneak peak into the cyberworld environment where all the action is going to take place, and shortly after this video footage is released, they will do an AMA on the PsyberX Discord channel to answer any questions people have about the game. I'm sure, after watching the video, there will be many.

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This is just the latest event in what has been an amazing ride so far. The excitement just keeps building.

First, there was the Founders pre-sale where people were able to purchase the game's native token, LVL, in order to receive Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Founder's Edition NFTs depending upon how much LVL they purchased. There was even an opportunity for people to design their own custom character to play in-game.

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Then, they announced Psyber Crates (the equivalent of #splinterland's Packs) where you will be able to get the gear, buffs, and equipment you'll use in the game.

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There will be two ways that you can get your PSYBER crates.

You can purchase them outright when the marketplace launches in the near future.


Crates will be airdropped to those that hold LVL token. For every 200,000 LVL token in your wallet over a 60 day average you will receive 1 PSYBER Crate. For example, if you have an average of 1,000,000 LVL tokens over a 60 day average you will automatically get 5 PSYBER Crates every month until the limited supply of the crates are gone.

Additional benefit of having over 200,000 LVL tokens when the marketplace launches is having a 30% discount on all Crates purchased. Purchases can be made with HBD/Hive. Currently this will make the price of each crate $14.00, instead of the full price of $20.00.

Shortly after this release, PsyberX announced that they were Fully Funded and off to the races on being completely focused on building the game. The game was becoming real!

psyberxsplinterlands20220115 035607.gif Since then, the community has expanded with PsyberX Splinterlands tournaments and Social Media contests with some very sweet prizes, as well as more details on What's in the Crates? which goes into more detail on the gear, buffs, and equipment you'll get by acquiring the crates. Check these out for sure. Some really interesting and cool stuff. Plus, they're still looking for names for some of this gear so you may be able to contribute to the game itself! How great is that?!?

Psyberx giant mech killstreak20220115 035944.gif I think we're going to need a bigger box!

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psyberx weapon 20220115 040715.gif And now the clock is ticking down on our first real taste of the actual gameplay. Pretty amazing! The game becomes more real by the day. Which leads me to...

How to Get Involved

At this point, it's very simple. Buy yourself some LVL. The game itself will be very cheap to play. Basically 1 LVL token gets you one life in the game. So you don't need to spend a lot of money to be able to play.

It is still very cheap right now. 0.00124 swap.hive for 1 LVL token. As of this writing, you can buy 10,000 tokens for only 12.4 HIVE. If you want to qualify for the free airdrops on the crates, you can get a few hundred thousand tokens a little higher, around 0.00137.

Airdrop Details

As mentioned above, you need to own 200,000 LVL to get the free airdrop and that 200k number needs to be an average over 60 days before you qualify. And the clock is already ticking.

In other words, if you buy exactly 200k and the first airdrop happens in 30 days, you won't qualify because your average will only be 100k at that point. Once you hold it for 60 days, then you'll be at the 200k average needed. If you want to participate, I would recommend getting a few thousand more than the minimum level in case you actually want to use (or sell) any of the tokens down the road. Plus, it will raise your average that much faster.

Also as stated above, another benefit of owning that much is that the crates (full price $20 on the marketplace) will be discounted by 30% for people that own 200,000 LVL or more. If you wanted to buy 10 crates, that would be a savings of $60. Considering the current LVL price, that would be the equivalent of just over 37,000 tokens. So you'd already be recouping your investment through savings. Something to think about.

Also, the airdrops will drop 1 crate PER 200,000 LVL you own. So if you own 400k, you'll get two. Again, you need the 60 day average. But, if you go in and buy...say 450k, you may qualify for 1 crate in the first airdrop and by the time the second comes around, your average will get you two. Again, just something to think about.

A third little nugget to consider is that the airdropped crates will have a better chance of pulling rarer NFTs (gear, equipment, killstreaks, etc).

psyberhigherrarity quote 20220115 033247.gif


As far as the tokenomics of the LVL token goes, there will only ever be 500,000,000 LVL tokens in existence. Royal Reptile Studios plans on making this token the base token for an entire suite of games; not just #psyberx. In fact, the idea is that they will eventually have over a dozen games all using this token for the Play2Earn aspect of the ecosystem. If you're old enough to remember arcades, think put your five bucks in the change machine, get tokens, and then use them to play any of the games in the building. The difference is here you will actually be able to earn more tokens than you started with.

All in all, these are very exciting times for #psyberx and the ecosystem as a whole. There's nothing like this game out there anywhere. The community has done some research, and anything remotely similar they've found has been so clunky as to not even be considered in the same breath as #psyberx. Too, as I said above, there are no blockchains out there like #hive that can handle literally millions of transactions and not miss a beat.

All of this said, it is still early. We're getting closer but there is no real game yet. Alpha testing will come fairly soon after the video footage release in three weeks and then the real* testing of the game will begin. There's a reason the tokens are still so cheap. There is still a lot of risk. But, oh the rewards if and when this game gets launched. What started out as a "pitch" a few months ago, has now almost become a reality. It's getting close, it's getting real, and the excitement is ramping up. Could this be the next Play2Earn home run on Hive? We'll find out. Either way...

PsyberX is coming...

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Thanks for reading! As always, comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to leave them below.

If you want more info on the game, click on any of the links in the article and follow @PsyberX here on Hive. Also, be sure to join their Discord Channel and come join the community.

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