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3 days ago
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That's why you have to find the ones where you like the tech, the team, and the potential future and stick with them. All these other ones are fun to dabble in but a person should really only "invest" in something they've done some research on. That's one of the reasons some of my little "flyers" are coming out and going into Hive and Leo. The more I learn and interact with this community, the more I feel that there's a very bright future ahead. This allows me to, as you say, take the emotions out of the investment. I'm no longer agonizing about the price when it goes down. In fact, the only real angst I feel is when it goes up and I don't own enough. lol

Plus, as you said, just own Bitcoin. Out of everything in this whole space, it's the only one with solid fundamentals, an epic use case (store of value), and a massively distributed user base. Yes, there are whales that can still torch the price as we saw today, but those will start becoming more and more dangerous for them as the price gets higher. They could have spent 1000 BTC crashing the price $10k and it was back up $5k in 20 minutes. No chance they were able to buy much back. The overall bias in the market is still very bullish for a while in my opinion.

We'll see. Still early days in my book. I've got my autobuys set until we hit $100k. Every time it goes down, I get a little more for my money. :-) Thanks for the good read, as always.

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