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I'm no genius, but wouldn't SWIFT not allowing USD transfers just incentivize these places to transfer with a different currency? Like Bitcoin or ETH for example. Or more likely, Tether or some other stable. Like I said, I am definitely no expert but it just seems like they would have to explore that and find out it's cheaper and faster and cuts out a middle man or six.

For normal crypto people, we just keep using on-ramps and transferring crypto. Just a layman's thoughts...

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Exactly I'm not quite sure how it would go down either.
Clients make demands.
One of those demands is a crypto/fiat ramp.
Those who ignore demands will lose business.
With exponential crypto adoption this becomes unacceptable.

This in turn highly incentivizes all retail banks to become Bitcoin custodians.
There are many other reasons for them to do this anyway.
They can sell BTC directly to customers.
And many of those customers won't even withdraw their BTC from the bank vault.
Fractional reserve banking becomes stronger and everyone wins (except the SWIFT network).