RE: Do DEC Tribaldex Diesel Pools count for the SPS airdrop?

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So if you’re in the SWAP.HIVE:DEC Tribaldex Diesel Pool, then the SWAP.HIVE side counts.

Pretty sure that's not technically true. If you sell half your DEC to buy BUSD, for example, then yes, you'll have the same airdrop points as if you just kept all of the DEC. If, on the other hand, you already have BUSD and pair it with your DEC, you'll get double the airdrop points.

Now, if the price of DEC goes up (which it's been doing), your airdrop points will go down because the pool will rebalance and you'll lose some DEC and gain BUSD. If, on the other hand, the price of DEC goes down, you'll gain more airdrop points as the pool buys more DEC to keep both sides equal.

In other words, what you have DEC paired against means nothing to the airdrop points other than price performance vs DEC.

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