RE: Do DEC Tribaldex Diesel Pools count for the SPS airdrop?

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I get where you're coming from. The issue is that you actually ARE getting double the points from the DEC portion of your LP. The fact that you have to pair it with another asset doesn't make that not true.

Example 1: 10,000 DEC held in your account gets 10,000 airdrop pts.

Example 2: 5,000 DEC and the equivalent $ value of BUSD put in the CUB pool gets you 10,000 airdrop pts PLUS some free CUB.

You are actually getting free CUB at the risk of having impermanent loss. BUT, the mitigating factor is that if DEC goes up, you lose airdrop points but you gain dollar value in the pool. PLUS you still get the CUB. If the price goes down, you lose some dollar value in the pool but you get MORE DEC and more airdrop pts, plus you still get the CUB. Win/win.

The best scenario is hold straight DEC and it goes up. You get the same airdrop pts and gain full value from the price increasing. But for all other scenarios (and even that one if the price of CUB moons), you get more with less risk by putting it in the pool. More airdrop points and more SPS if DEC goes down plus you lose less $ value since it's paired with a stablecoin, PLUS you still get the CUB.

Since DEC is "supposed" to be pegged at about 15% of what it's currently trading at, I figure it will eventually go down and I'll get more SPS and keep getting the extra CUB. I've got another 9 months of the airdrop before I would consider getting out of the pool so...I won't have to worry about impermanent losses becoming permanent until then.

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