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I have never been on twitter so I'm not sure how I'll feel about projectblank as a tool. At least for me. I'm excited about it as another avenue to bridge mainstream social media and because I know how widely used it is as a tool for most of the world. I think it brings a lot of attention and excitement to this space and adds another tool for people who are searching for alternatives to the censored and controlled social media sites. I heard today on the way home that the Biden administration is shutting down border patrol agents twitter accounts because they don't want what's happening down there flooding social media. Another reason to leave Twitter for a "better" alternative.

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I don't use Twitter that much. I did put some notifications on people my alerts don't follow. I haven't sent out a single tweet and I only use it to get notifications. I like DBuzz a little bit more as short-form content is alot easier to do. However, I do want to see how things work out in the new Project Blank. After all, you get nothing for posting on Twitter.

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