RE: Have you been scammed

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I've never been scammed but I've made some pretty poor decisions in the four years I've been here. Fortunately, I tend to do my own research before I throw any fiat at these things. It's too hard to earn that fiat for me to blindly throw it at something I know nothing about. There were lots of ICO's in 2017-2018 that were scams. I managed to avoid those and I haven't tried any defi platforms other than CUB so I've been good there.

I've never had anything go to zero but I've ridden a 100x all the way back down to break even. lol Still own it and it's back up to a 5x. Long way to go. I don't make too many big "mistakes" in crypto though because I'm mostly a HODLer. My only real regret was not continuing to accumulate bitcoin during the bear market. I could have added a LOT even with small purchases throughout those couple years. Oh well. I will not make that mistake again.

In the meantime, I try to research tokens/coins that make sense to me. Once I understand them, I try to come up with a "desired position" and then I work towards achieving it. Price is not too much of a factor for me as everything I put in I plan on hodling at least until the next bull run following the next Bitcoin "halvening". In my mind, anything I buy right now is going to be much, much higher in 4-5 years, so I just keep accumulating when I have the fiat to do it.

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