RE: How many posts do you create per week?

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I write exactly zero posts per week. In fact, this is actually one of the few comments I make during the week. I own a small business and between that, my family, golf, and making sure I do my gaming tasks, I barely have time to sleep let alone write anything.

Fortunately my business is seasonal so I'll have a few months off over the winter where I'll become more involved with curation, posting, etc. But until then, the best way for me to make money is to put my time and effort into my business. Hopefully my crypto can continue to work for me outside of me putting much effort into it. I read a few articles daily and do my voting as well as check on my defi LPs. Other than that, this is it.

Obviously, if I ever want to go full-time crypto that will have to change. But I'm still young enough that doing the work is much more lucrative and productive than building by articles and curation.

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I also have a offline business and it takes priority over my hive activity. I think that when our time is limited, we need to end up by setting priorities.


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