RE: Liotes Mission - What is your Fomo risk profile?

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I'm probably a cross between category 2 and category 3. I've got a few things where I'm pretty disciplined in my approach but there have also been a few where I've gotten a little too far over my skis. I've managed to curtail it and keep it in check for the most part, but there are still things that send me leaping in before I look too hard. #Splinterlands was definitely one of them, and still is. I've been lucky that it's continuing to perform but I probably need to slow down a little. lol

But take #Liotes for example. I got excited early and bought 100 miners (Cat 2) but I made up my mind to just grow from there without going crazy. I haven't gone out and spent a bunch of money but I have yet to sell or use a single LEN. I plan on just HODLing with no real end in sight.

I've also got a little Category 1 going as well as I have a few core investments where I set goals and just worked to achieve them, without worrying about price. HIVE, LEO, & CUB for example, were all tokens I set goals to acquire and I continue to update those goals as I achieve them. There are a few others I have like that as well.

So, long story short, I think I mainly fall into Cat 2 with outliers in both 1 and 3.

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