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Use this Chart to Figure out Best Cards for Land

Many people have been talking about the new Whitepaper for the Splinterlands Land Expansion and how all the different variables will factor in. To make it easier to see where you fall with your cards or what you want to aim for, I put together the following chart showing where each card fits in relation to all the other ones.

splLandproductionchart 20230319 203805.gif

These are all Maxed out cards since ultimately that's what we all want to be using. If you want to calculate partial cards, you'll have to do some math. Partial cards production is based on how "full" those cards are percentage-wise.

For example, it takes 46 cards to max out an Untamed Epic. A maxed card has 2500pp. If you had one with 32 cards, you would have to divide 32/46 (.696) and multiply that times the 2500, which would equal 1740pp. Looking at the chart, that card would give you more production than a maxed Chaos Legendary but not as much as a maxed GF Chaos Common.

One thing I should point out, the power of a less-than-maxed-out card is dependent upon the percentage of "full" it is. NOT it's level. Using another example, a level 9 Chaos common has 300 of the 400 cards required to max, so that card would get 75% of 1000 or 750pp. It wouldn't get 90% because its Level 9. Just want to clarify that as it may confuse some people.

Suffice it to say, it will be a LOT easier to figure out which cards you want to "farm" with if you're only dealing in maxed cards. But, that's the math to figure out partials.

Just for the hell of it, I calculated what the MAX production could theoretically be in the game. It's on the chart but it seemed fun to figure out. I doubt this will happen, but theoretically, it's possible.

Someone could combine 5 GF Runis and place that card on a Legendary, Magical/Occupied Plot, along with 5 more GFL Alphas (using a Runi gets you an extra card if you want). If this person could match up the Alphas to the Terrain bonuses, they could conceivably get a 10% bonus for that, 100% for the Runi, another 100% for the Legendary plot, another 100% for being either Magical or Occupied, another 50% if they've got the Legendary Title, and one more 100% with a Legendary Totem. The base production would be 750k added to the bonus production of 3,450,000 for a grand total of 4,200,000 Production Points per hour.

A single GF Runi with everything else the same would only produce 2,856,000pp/hr. However, 5 Regular Foil Runis combined with the GF Alpha Legendaries would produce 3,010,000pp/hr. That's a little more realistic.

As for me, reality is much more well....realistic. lol I have a handful of GF Chaos Legendaries, a couple Runis, and then a couple maxed RF Legendary Betas and an Epic. I figure best-case scenario for me on a base level will probably be a Runi (1500pp), 3 of the GFL Chaos (30,000pp), and then maybe the 2 RF Legendary Betas (15,000pp). That would be 46,500pp/hr base. If I can get a Rare plot (10%), match 3 of my cards with terrain bonuses (6%), use the Explorer title I bought (25%), and then my Runi bonus (100%), I could potentially get one of my few plots to 112,065pp/hr. I would be pretty happy with that.

Another plot I have would probably look more like this: 5 GF Chaos Epics (30,000) plus a 10% terrain bonus because I should have enough of a variety to hit all the bonuses hopefully. That would be a 33,000pp/hr plot.

After that it would drop down to maybe a couple Epics and then Rares which would probably put it in the 15k range. We'll see.

Anyway, I've been doing the math for the last couple days and saw people speculating with no data so I thought I'd share this chart. If you see any errors, let me know, but I'm pretty sure this is right.

Exciting times in Praetoria and the Splinterverse!!!

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