Nothing on Hive is promised... and that is okay with me

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A risk worth taking ⚠️

I couldn't be much happier with life right now. Back in November I finally had the courage to quit my job and pursue things here on Hive full-time. Although this is now my job, it is nothing like any other job I have ever had. There is no contract saying I will get paid, I don't get insurance, there isn't a paycheck, and I technically don't even work for anybody. Literally, the only thing that gives me any support is the community.

This new way of working is something that I fell in love with right away. I started my Hive journey in December of 2017. I struggled to gain traction at first, but I stuck with it. Eventually, I got lucky and got discovered by a bigger curator and as soon as I saw that glimpse of success, I have stayed motivated ever since then. It's hard to forget that something like this is possible once you experience it once.

In today's video, I have quite a lot to say about how I am able to live off of Hive and be happier than I have been in years because of it. Nothing about this has been easy and there will be a lot of trial and error for anyone else looking to do the same. I can 100% verify that you can indeed rely on Hive to provide if you are willing to take the risk.

Thanks so much to this awesome community for making this all possible. I love where I'm at in life and I am adamant about helping others achieve this same level of success and freedom.

If you have any questions at all, please comment and ask. I am happy to answer any and everything. I will get back to everyone and will even try to check out your page and see what you are creating. I'm just as interested in being a curator as I am in being a creator. If you think you have something special to share with the world, tell me about it and I'll do what I can to help further your reach.

Enjoy the video and I will see you again in another one tomorrow!


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I seriously admire that! It's no easy task to make that jump and it often comes with a boatload more work and lots of uncertainty. The big bonus though you're doing something you love and enjoy and in that case it no longer feels much like work and just becomes a part of your life.

You also touched on what I think is a critical part that many people miss with hive. It's not good enough to be posting high quality content. You need to support it, market it on your socials, interact with other socials, upvote others content and all of that and it takes serious time, commitment and consistency to achieve that. Keep it up 👏 💪


I've gotten so used to not letting uncertainty give me anxiety. I don't ignore negative possibilities all together, but I try my best to focus on the positive outcomes as much as possible.

My last job made me feel like I was trapped and doing the most meaningless things ever. I spent so long there too, I'll never forget that kind of torment and ruination of my day to day life and happiness.

I’ve seen some great content creators show up on here, only to disappear soon after because they didn’t achieve instant success. It’s a lot of work to actually get to a point where you’re hitting every aspect of what being social on Hive asks.

Thanks for the support and I’m happy to have somebody willing to watch and have a convo back 🤝


Yeah, I've made some posts that haven't earned anything, and that's fine with me. I think we're still early.
I've found that writing helps me increase my understanding of a particular topic and also clear my mind, so I'm getting some kind of benefit from writing already. Plus I get to interact with people from different backgrounds all the time.

I've also set my monetary HIVE goal for Dec 2026, so I'm not too worried about what my posts earn right now. I'm more focused on finding people who want to build the Hive community together and interact with them through comments and replies.

What are you using to edit your videos?


It definitely hurts when you have a post you put hours into fail, but it’s all made better by a post you didn’t expect to do so well to do excellent. As with everything, there is an ebb and flow. I’ve become such a better communicator from all the writing this place has encouraged me to do.

I do bet that 2026 Hive will look a lot stronger than 2022 Hive. Already we look much better than we did when we forked and started over. Progress is being made.

You may laugh at this, but I actually use iMovie for everything outside of gaming videos where I use ShareFactory on my PS5. iMovie has literally everything I need and it’s very simple & FREE for all Apple devices. Works well on mobile and desktop, but I use mostly desktop these days.


I'm hoping to one day do something like this but at the moment there are a lot of things that get paid with my paycheck so that's a sticky point. I'm glad that you're doing it though and able to make it successful! It's not an easy road that's for sure but being an entrepreneur is never easy for most people! I think that's totally fine and something that many people should experience at one point in their life.

I'm hyped to be here alongside with ya man, watching the progress and the evolutions of your content. Props to you dude!


I got really used to having my check too, but I finally realized that it just made me feel safe. I am able to survive this way, just have to be more aware of my finances.

It's been awesome to see us both and many others stay so consistent. I know we all were just starting once and we probably never imagined finding actual success in this, but here we are.


Although I can't deny it and it would be a mistake on my part #Hive has become an important part of my life since I've been part of it, I would like to follow its example and dedicate myself 100% since I would also have some time for other activities but always thinking about making publications and sharing them with all of you, I have found good people who have helped me a lot but I do not have constant support, most of the HP that I have are purchases that I have made with other Cryptocurrencies acquired by me in Discord where later the I reinvest here. So it is not feasible for me to retire from my daily job but if I get more support I will surely do something similar to you since with the #Hive family we have every opportunity for a better future. Thank you very much for wanting to help us achieve what we all seek success.


Going 100% into Hive is by no means a way of guaranteeing success, but oftentimes big risks provide big rewards. As of now, it has been the best decision ever for me and my life is so much better focusing on Hive this much.

The more consistent you stay, the more frequent voters you'll have. I see you are just over a year into your Hive journey. When I was at the same stage that you are in, I was often frustrated with my lack of success... but I stayed strong and finally things are looking pretty good.


This is a very interesting story of yours,hmmmm I was introduced to hive a year ago as at then I have no job and am finacialy down as new wedded man,I keep moving around the street with my certificate no job offer then someone introduced me to hive a God sent since that time my story has changed in a way and I believe am not there yet I still have a long way to go also few month ago I discovered the Leofinance community it was also a blessing to me, meeting people of ideas and very supportive ,with you all I believe I will get to my promise Land @daltono I will appreciate your mentorship and support do have a wonderful day

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I imagine getting married did cost you quite a bit. I have avoided that and will continue because it seems to result in financial hardship for at least one of the individuals. I also believe that people can be committed to each other without marriage, but that's a long debate and I know we all have our own opinions. I'm happy for you to have found your wife, hopefully, your financial situation will turn around. I have a good feeling that you will find this promised land that you speak of, just stay with this Hive & LeoFinance community and we will all do our best to succeed together.


This comment make me feel good friend @daltono thanks for the god words I will always appreciate your support too


I can 100% verify that you can indeed rely on Hive to provide if you are willing to take the risk.

This is indeed very risky. Hopefully the things will turn out good for you in long term. It is very easy to lose it. One day you may earn a good amount for living, and you may earn a few cents in another day.

Do you have a plan B (return to a traditional job), if things go wrong?


I was too scared to do it for so many years and thought I was going to be trapped forever. $3 HIVE gave me the confidence that I needed to take my life back. Even now where the prices are, I am still just fine and I finally understand that my old safety net really wasn't needed.

You ask if I have a backup plan, great question. I guess I just try not to think about this working out, but of course, I have considered it. I know that I have many skills and can adapt to difficult situations. If things go south to the point of me not being able to sustain, then I would figure something out then & I luckily have some family that I can rely on to have my back until I catapult myself back into success. To put it simply, I'm not worried and I believe that I will succeed in this endeavor.


Yes, maybe there are no guarantees, but it's more fun, you connect with better people and you're happier. Enjoying what you do is the highest point you can reach in this life. I'm happy you're on this platform, I'm happy to know you and I hope you'll be even more successful.


It had been so long since I was fully satisfied with my daily life. There was always something that I wished I didn't have to do. I can honestly say that right now there isn't one thing about my days that isn't enjoyable. I'm truly blessed and it wouldn't have been possible without Hive. I hope the same type of success here finds you bro!


It's really good that you feel so good. I hope your life continues like this. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope I can reach the same level.


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👍 i like the hat! blue!

it's peaceful in the mornings, huh? (I think I'd still rather sleep in tho)

who needs a steady paycheck?!? 😜 maybe if u like living paycheck to paycheck! :P



Always with the best video recommendations.

That’s one of my favorite hats. Ocean camo from Pink Dolphin. I even have that same blue design tattooed on my shoulder.

I love how quiet the mornings are. Even better than the quiet of just after midnight.


i thought of that song as soon as u said 'i believe in u' :) I thought that was the name of the song since that's the first words she sings.. 😎🤙


Some time ago I made the decision to quit my job because I also felt dissatisfied, pressured, trapped in an unhealthy routine. Now my income depends 100% on Hive, and although it is not easy, it is not impossible either. Cheers! This path that you start will be very successful for you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who lives only from Hive 🙈


You are doing something similar to me. I bet you are a million times happier this way. You have so much time to actually live your life, which also translates into better content.


It's a nice story and I'm happy that this is working out for you! I truly hope it will continue to work out for the rest of your life. It's also nice that you want to help people to reach this level as well, but I think success will depend on a lot of factors and will be for everyone different. Nevertheless I guess there are some things we can do at Hive that have been proven their success already. (I haven't been looking deeper into your account and previous posts but) maybe it's a good idea to share in some posts some things that have been succesful for you. I don't mean the good practises like engaging, daily curating, be nice, and make "interesting" content, use some tiptokens and get some back, etc. But things like automated voting, which tiptokens to use (because they're easy to build up a minimum from which you can use them yourself), dustsweeping etc. Here's some !LUV. Keep up the good work!


It is certain that full-time Hive is not for everyone, at least not at this stage. It takes a certain type of person to want to make the sacrifices that it takes.

That's a great recommendation for future content, thanks for the comment. I'm not really big on automated voting anymore, you are better off just delegating to a program that curates such as @leo.voter or @ocdb. That's only if you don't wish to curate manually yourself on a daily basis. As for tip tokens, I'd say @poshtoken is the one I'm most interested in. You can find more information about that in this post of mine. You mentioned dust sweeping. I'm not really sure what you are talking about there. The only thing I can think of is the dust votes that don't actually payout.


Why I'm "better off" with delegating to a program that curates instead of automated voting (to people I like or I like their content)? I'll definitely take a look in these you're pointing out. I'll certainly look as well into your post about posh as soon as I've got some time in the next days. Maybe I've missed something, but in generally I know that one needs to repost his posts on Twitter and than other people need to curate or retweet it in the next 24h. I'm not using Twitter a lot. I did it for a while, but it caused me only stress, asking people not to forget to do this and in the end it didn't bring almost anything if my wife wasn't doing it... so I stopped with that one at least for a while...


Auto vote services can go down sometimes. Manual curation is a better process because sometimes people get lazy with their content once they start getting auto votes. The curation process is meant to be natural, not automated. I’m not saying auto votes should be banned or anything like that. I just know that I myself have decided to stop using auto votes. You are welcome to do as you please.

As for Posh Token, it sounds like you already have a good understanding of the process. It is true that if your tweets get little to no activity, then the amount of POSH that you earn is pretty insignificant in value, at least right now. If the token were to increase in value sometime in the future, it may be a different story.


icompletely follow your point on manual curation, but I really need automated processes, because what I "earn" on Hive at the moment is really insignificant and I really have a busy work- and family life. The time I'm spending here the last moment I can absolutely not continue to spend in the next few months...
Back to the POSH tokens. Do you know about a script that I can run, or any other way that my posts automatically would be tweeted? Maybe with a Python script?
Or do you know anyone here who could know about this? In that case, please tag or ask. I'm sorry that it's against your nature and hard manual work, but in my opinion sometimes we need to use the technical help and automatization tools which exist...


If you delegate to the projects I mentioned, they will send you a share of the curation rewards they receive.

If you want to auto vote, then I think that is a decent option.

That’s a good idea about automating your posts to be tweeted, but I’m not sure how to do it. Surely it’s possible. I can’t tell you a bunch of devs who would know how off the top of my head, but I feel like @themarkymark may know. Maybe try to ask him on one of his future AMA posts, he does them all the time and always replies.


Ok, thanks again for the advice. Good advice and help are always welcome!


You don't need to delegate to any project, you can easily just follow any accounts you feel are doing a good job curating on The last hard fork removed the penality for trailing other votes.


What is "trailing other votes"? I'm sorry if I ask silly questions but English isn't my mother tongue and I'm still learning every day on Hive...
@daltono mentioned that you might now how and what to do to get my Hive posts automatically posted / tweeted on my Twitter. Any idea? Some Python script maybe? Do you know about anyone that you could think of doing this?


Trailing votes means that once a certain account votes on something, your account will automatically vote right after they do. You can find a curation trail of your choice on