At This Point If You Trade On Hive Engine In Most Cases Is Better To Use The Pools On Tribaldex Or BeeSwap

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Probably some of you have noticed the flash crash of LEO a few days ago. This was because of a whale dumping a lot of coins on Hive Engine. Arbitrage step in and people bought the dip and return the price to normal.

This was because of the thin liquidity on Hive Engine/Leodex. Funny enough LEO has a liquidity pool on Tribaldex with some 60k LEO there. This is an unofficial pool and it is not yet supported from the team. However this event might shows that eventually it might be a good idea to have some decent pool for LEO.

If your token has a liquidity pool, then it is better to trade there then on Hive Engine/Leodex. For safety you can adjust the slippage, and be sure exactly how much you are willing to lose. The bigger the liquidity in the pool the better.

Not all tokens have pools, so for some of them you need to use Hive Engine/Leodex.