How To Get HIVE At 10% Discount Or More?

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Buying it with HBD on the internal market.

Whenever the HBD price deeps, the stabilizer starts selling HIVE for HBD at lower prices than the market ones in order to bring the HBD peg back.

At the moment HIVE is traded for $0.39 on the internal market, assuming a value of HBD at 1$.
On the external market the price of HIVE is at $0.45

I guess there are bots doing this arbitrage, but just in case you want to try your luck, this is the way.
Holding liquid HIVE and HBD is needed in the process.

Have in mind the liquidity on the internal market can be low, and small orders can quickly move the price up, so don't get carry away yourself with big amounts :)

As anything in crypto, proceed with caution :)



Seems to come back in balance fast :)
Anyway, keep this in mind, the next time HBD goes down :)


P.S. Another disclaimer, if the above were not enough .... the main trick will be to get the HBD from the external markets for lower prices then the one on the internal market.