A Breakdown Of Accounts Receiving Vouchers For The Splinterlands Presale

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The presale for new edition of cards for Splinterlands, Chaos Legions (CL) is four days away. The presale will last for a month, and to be eligible to buy packs users will need to have vouchers. Vouchers are given away daily to users that have staked SPS.



There will be a total of 15M packs of the new CL cards edition, priced at 4$ each in regular sale.
A total of 1 million packs are allocated for the presale, meaning there will be a 1M vouchers dropped to users daily, or 33k vouchers per day. The vouchers will be airdropped proportionally to users based on their staked SPS.

Now lets take a look at the numbers of users who have SPS staked and how many accounts will be getting those vouchers.

Before doing the breakdown let’s see some updated charts for staking SPS.


Here is the chart for the daily staked SPS.


There have been some spike at the end of September and around October 5th, but overall the staking data seems quite steady. This is a good thing as it means the staking continues to grow.

Overall Supply, Staked VS Liquid

Here is the chart for the overall supply and the staked vs liquid tokens.


As we can notice the share of staked tokens keeps increasing overtime.
In September alone there is 50M more SPS tokens that have been staked.
Around the end of the month the SPS supply is increasing by 20M to presale participants, but the overall share of staked SPS is up and since recently it has crossed the 50% mark, meaning more staked SPS then liquid.

Here is the pie.


A 56% of the SPS supply is currently staked. Just a few weeks ago the numbers was 46%, and at the end of August it was around 27%.

Top Accounts That Staked SPS

Who is staking the most?


The @spswhale account is on the top her with more than 6M SPS tokens staked. The accounts on the bottom of the chart have around 600k SPS staked.

Breakdown of vouchers per account

To get the data for the accounts SPS staked, or SPS power, I have combined a few data sources.

I have looked at the data for staking SPS stored on the blockchain as json to get a complete list of nearly 80k accounts that staked SPS. This data can be messy, so I clean it up a bit. I have run a query for the top 1000 accounts from the players balances api on Splinterlands. This means that the largest accounts are sorted out, although there might be some mistakes for the smaller accounts. There is a Splinterlands api for rich list but unfortunately that one includes only the top 200 accounts.

When everything sorted out, we get this.

Packs Per AccountNo. Of AccountsTotal No. Of VouchersSPS LimitAverage Vouchres Per Account
More than 1000 packs149470,000122,0003,154
Between 500 to 1000148120,00061,000811
Between 100 to 500971210,00012,100216
Between 50 to 10084065,0006,20077
Between 10 to 503,42985,0001,21025
Less then 1073,00050,0001

The table might be not with great visibility so here is a picture format.


Note, this is the current situations and the numbers will change daily, as it is dynamic, based on the players behavior and how are they staking SPS.

The numbers above are for the whole period of the airdrop, 30 days.

At the moment a total of 149 accounts will get more than 1000 vouchers, and these accounts will get almost the half of all the vouchers or 470k out of 1M. On average this top 149 accounts will get 3154 vouchers each.

The second category on the list, between a 500 to 1000 vouchers, almost the same number of accounts are in this category or 148. The will get a total of 120k vouchers, 811 on average per account.

Most of the accounts are in the less then 10 vouchers category or around 73k accounts. Most of these will not receive even a one whole vouchers in the whole 30 days period.
At the moment there is around 20k accounts that will receive at least one whole voucher in the period. The limit to receive one voucher is around 200 SPS staked. The limit to receive one voucher per day is around 3600 SPS staked. As times progress these numbers will most likely go up.

A note that vouchers should be tradable, and anyone that has a fraction of a voucher can buy a bit more to have a round number or can sell the fraction.

Interesting times ahead for Splinterlands!

All the best

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