dCity Just Started The First Presidential Elections | Giving Power To Players and Pushing for Decentralization

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dCity just started its first presidential elections! Two weeks after the major update with new cards edition, new tech cards and the government options.

dCtiy Presidential Election.png


The elections will last for 7 days after which the first dCity president will take office 😊.
Up until now @gerber was having this role trying out different things and options.
As for the other DPoS systems the voting is stake based. Each mandate is two weeks long after which new round of elections is starting out.

Here is the current standings:


What is the role of the president?

In short, the president set taxes! For now 😊.
This mean he can control the rewards in SIM that players get. Rewards are touchy subject as we all know, so things can get interesting.

These are the taxes:

  • Income tax - based on the average SIM token price over the last 3 days, when the price goes down, this tax should go up and decrease inflation and vice versa when the token price going up,
  • Police tax - The President funds the police with this tax, and can make it work 4x better, lowering the crime rate,
  • Education tax - The President can boost education by 10% but it will cost players 5% of their daily income,
  • Art tax - The President can boost creativity by 10% but it will cost players 5% of daily income,
  • War tax - When The President declares war, players pay a 10% tax and 80% of that goes to the Military Industrial Complex owners,
  • Eco tax - For a 5% tax The President can boost income from Wind Turbines and Solar Panels,
  • Jobs tax - For a 5% tax The President can double the effects of the Job Agency training faster homeless and immigrants into workers
  • Basic tax - Basic tax from 1-20%. The President can use it to reduce SIM inflation.

A total of 8 different type of taxes. Some of them are generic ones, like reducing the overall SIM inflation, taxing everyone, but others are cards/buildings specific. For example, the war tax redistributes inflation to the owners of the MIC building. The Eco tax increases rewards for the wind and solar.

This means that players can build strategies around different type of taxes, accumulating certain buildings/cards and then trying to put in place the president that will be in favor for these taxes.

I have already seen some players and candidates lobbing about different strategies, and some interesting talks happening in the discord server. Its quite fun 😊.

Stake Based Voting

As mentioned above its stake based voting. Meaning the players who holds the most SIM (the in game token) decide who will be the president and set taxes.

The stake is calculated as a 30 day average from the players SIM holdings.

This means that players are now incentivized to hold SIM if they want to have more influence in the president elections and the taxes/rewards.

If we take a look at the SIM rich list it looks like this.

RankAccountSIM Balance

There are official game accounts on the list here like the no.1, but we can also see a few players with more than 100k SIM holdings. Also have in mind that there is around 500k SIM distributed daily as rewards, so this list can change.
It will be interesting to see how the election process will influence the rich list over time.

A new era begins for the dCity game with players in charge for the rewards. It is really a push for decentralization of the game and in line with the whole crypto ideology.

Not sure about the classic games, but I can tell for sure that in the short history of the crypto gaming there hasn’t been any other game that has introduced something like this. A governance from the players.

Will it be too much if I say we are witnessing history here? Hell, now I’ll say it.
We are witnessing history in the blockchain gaming where for the first time players get to realy decide about the game mechanics in a transparent and coded way 😊.

Non expiring discord link:

All the best