Bitcoin VS Ethereum Active Wallets | Line chart animation

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I have played around with data animation already and made few of them. The last one with the top 10 cryptos marketcap..

These types of animation are bar chart race animation. I wanted to test out the line chart race animation. For this purpose we will be using the historical data for Bitcoin and Ethereum active wallets.

Ethereum has been around from 2015. Because of thise we will compare the two starting from 2015 till 2020.

The data for active wallets is taken from

Bitcoin is still the dominant in terms of number of active wallets. Even though Ethereum has more wallets than Bitcoin, 124M ETH wallets, vs 57M BTC wallets at the moment. This shows that there are a lot of inactive ETH wallets.

Out of the total 57M BTC wallets there is around 1M active currently (1.7%). In the ETH case out of the 124M there is around 500k active (0.4%).

Ethereum was closest to Bitcoin in terms of active wallets in May 2018 when on few occasions the numbers almost matched. On May 27, 2018 there was 441k active BTC wallets and 403k active ETH wallets.

As we can see even with all the use cases for Ethereum and all the dApps build on it, the activity is still on the BTC side. At least in terms of active accounts. This just shows how powerful the BTC idea is even in its simplest form. Will be interesting how things go forwards and are we going to see a flippening at least in terms of active wallets 😊.

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