New Hive Accounts By Type of Operation | What type of operations are the new accounts making?

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The HIVE price has seen some nice increase in the last month or two, going from sub 0.2 to almost a 1$ and back to 0.55.
When prices are up usually, we have more people joining the blockchain. What are the numbers for new signups? Let’s take a look.


Apart from the numbers of new accounts created, we will take a look how are they engaging on chain. We know that gaming is taking a large part of Hive now. How many of the new accounts are gaming, how many postings, or maybe both?
Which dApp they used for to create their account?

We will be looking into the following:

  • Number of accounts created per day
  • Number of accounts created per month
  • Who created the accounts
  • Type of operations made by the new accounts

We will be looking at the period since the Hive creations, starting from March 21, 2020 till now, with a closer focus on March 2021.

Number of accounts created

Here is the chart for the overall accounts created.


Almost 80k accounts were created from the start of the Hive blockchain, in the first year.

We can notice an increase in the number of accounts created in May and June 2020, at the time when the price of Hive spiked for a short period of time to a 1$. Then in the second half of 2020 a period of decreasing in the numbers of Hive accounts, and a growth in 2021.

We can see an uptrend in the last month in the numbers of new accounts created. In March 2021, o average there is more than 300 Hive accounts created per day.

The monthly chart for new accounts looks like this


March 2021, is the month with the highest number of Hive account created. A ATH in new accounts per month, reaching almost 10k accounts.

Who created the accounts?

Below is a chart for the account creators in the last month, March 2021.


@tipu is on the top with more than 3700 accounts, followed by the @esteemapp and then Splinterlands (@steemmonsters).

LeoFinance is on the 5th position by the number of Hive accounts created in March, followed by 3Speak.

I believe @tipu is creating accounts for

These five are the main creators on accounts in the last month.

What are the new active accounts doing on the blockchain?

As mentioned above, posting is not the only option on the Hive blockchain. The new accounts can play various games on Hive as well, without engaging in posting at all.

There is some overlapping in the activities from the new accounts. For example, a new account can make a custom json transaction (gaming) and post as well. Maybe do some curating and transfer funds around.

Here is the chart summarizing the new accounts by the combination of operation they have made.


From the total of 9700 accounts created in March, around 4k don’t have any activity or, 40% share.
Meaning 60% of the new accounts created in March have made some operation on the blockchain. This is quite a nice share of activity from the new accounts. I remember back in the days of the old blockchain, the share of active accounts from the newly created was just around 15%.

From the 60% active, accounts making custom json operations (gaming) are on the top with 2700 account making only that operation.
Then a combination of posting/voting/custom json operation and post/json only.

In total from the new accounts in March, around 4k made a custom json operation, 2k accounts from made a post operation. A voting/curating operation made around 1.5k accounts, even lower than the number of posts. This might not be as surprising since the new accounts usually don’t have large stake and are not curating as much. Around 900 accounts made a transfer.

March has been a record high month for new Hive accounts, with a great level of activity from the accounts. @tipu is creating the highest number of accounts, and Splinterlands is doing a great job in the gaming category.

Will be interesting to see how this progress going forward. Maybe a day will come with 1M new accounts per month, where the 10k now will look tiny 😊.

All the best

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