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This year in crypto has been quite bad. Bad news keep coming in and pushing the markets down. Splinterlands as all the industry has been affected by this and the tokens and assets valuation in game have dropped.
Nevertheless the game keeps going improving, developing and expanding. Its not just a cliché thing to say, but there really is something always happening. Runi, Tower Defense, GLX, and in game economic improvements to name a few.
Let’s take a look at the numbers!


The following topics will be covered:

  • Number of transactions
  • Number of games played
  • Number of active daily players
  • New accounts created by Splinterlands
  • DEC supply
  • SPS price

The period that we will be looking in is starting from *2022.

The data has been queried from the Splinterlands API in combination with the data from the Hive blockchain.

Number Of Transactions

Transactions represent the overall activity in the game. Here is the chart.


The number of transactions has seen some ups and downs in 2022, but interestingly is it quite stable on a macro level. It has been in the range of 3M to 4M per day throughout the whole year. There has been some drops in the summer to 2M, but it recovered from then and we are now again in that range.

One thing that we can notice is the second part of the year is more unstable in terms of transactions, going up and down. This is most likely due to the multiple changes that the SL team has made to the reward system in the period.

Number Of Battles Played

Here is the chart of the daily numbers of games played for the period.


This chart is not as constant as the transactions :). Overall we can see a drop in the number of games played. There are two occasions when this is more noticeable, first in June and then again in August. These drops are because of the changes that in the reward system where the rewards from the lower leagues were adjusted and that caused a lot of bots that were farming with very low valuable accounts to stop.

The year started with around 10M battles per day, then dropped to 4M and again to 2M. Now we are in the range of 2M to 5M battles played daily. The spikes are most likely end of season days.

What is interesting from the two charts above is that while the numbers of battles have dropped, the number of transactions has remained the same, meaning there are other type of operations that have increase, most likely the renting cards. This especially with the third-party services that are offering cards management and are making a lot of renting operations.

Number Of Active Players

This is one of the most important metrics for every dApp, how many active users have there are. Here is a data for daily active users [DAU].


This chart has even more drastic change than the numbers of battles! A very sharp and clear drop in June. From 400k to 150k DAUs. This again is because of the changes in the reward system and eliminating bots. But since June it seems that the number of DAUs has steadily been growing again and we are now at almost 200k DAUs.

New Accounts Created by Splinterlands

Here are the new Hive accounts created by Splinterlands.


Splinterlands had an immense numbers of accounts created in the second half od 2021 with the top in September 2021 with 267k accounts created in a month.
In 2022 these numbers are far low as things has settled down. We can see that at the beginning of the year there was more than 10k accounts created and now we are just around
1k new accounts in October.

DEC Supply

Another interesting metric is DEC supply. DEC is trying to be an in game stable coin for Splinterlands with a ratio of 1000 to 1$. On the downside this peg is tried to be maintained with the price of packs, where the Splinterlands game accepts DEC for a price of 4000 DEC per pack. On the upside since recently the team has introduced the possibility to burn SPS to created DEC if the price of DEC is above the peg, while burning SPS for DEC will give the fixed ratio.


Up until August the DEC supply has been growing. But then DEC stopped being printed as a reward token and we can see that there is a drop in the supply since then. DEC has seen an upterend in the price as well closing to the peg.

Note this is DEC supply on Hive Engine as a native chain for DEC. If there are tokens outside this supply, they are not included in the above.*

SPS Price

At the end the price for the main token SPS.


SPS has been in a down trend for most of the year. There has been a few upticks in the price but overall the trend has been down. A small increase from 5 to 8 cents in August and then Again in September. Now we are at all time low for SPS with the price under 5 cents. This is mostly because of the overall drop in the crypto market in the last days. If you waited for some cheap SPS this is the best time of the year :).

All the best @dalz

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