Top Cryptos Marketcap Bar Chart Race Animation | The race for the top | October 2020

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Here we will be looking at the top cryptos from a marketcap perspective.


Having a look at the top coins and how there marketcap evolved over time can give us some nice perspective of the crypto industry.

The period that we will be looking here is 2015 till 2020. The marketcap for each coin is taken as the average per month. Before 2015 there was not a much of todays top coins, so I decided 2015 to be a starting year.

A look at the evolution of the top crypto marketcap since 2015 by month, and then a closer look at the last days since September 2020.

Top Cryptos Marketcap Bar Chart Race Animation

First the long term animation, 2015 to 2020.
Tip: watch closely to the other coins, excluding Bitcoin 😊.

Bitcoin is obviously dominating but we are seeing a lot of changes in the other positions. USDT has recently flipped XRP and is standing at no.3 now.

Ethereum has been showing signs of increased growth in the last few months as well. Mainly because of the DeFi projects.

Will there be a BTC flippening at some point in the future?
Not excluded but looks like in won’t happen soon.

Recent movement in the marketcaps

How about the marketcap in the last period?
Here is an animation for the September 1st – October 25.

Pretty static with some flippening happening in the 5th to 10th spots. LINK moving up and down, BNB as well. ADA has been making some movements also.

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