How to start curating

Over the past four months I have built a curation menu. Now that it is August 1st I t

London Real - Max Kaiser

"In Britain, there is a 70b pound saving due to QE. On the other side, how much capital is not coming into the economy because they are…

Getting Paid To Make Memes

It is a bold statement, a courageous act, to create Art in any medium. To choose it as a career is a difficult journey full of struggle…

Why you should move HBD into savings daily

Every day I am active on Hive, so every day I am earning rewards. They accumulate and then you can click to claim pending rewards in your…

UNISWAP Defi and the Future of Consumer Finance

Let me give you a summary because this is a very interesting conversation.

Hive libraries for Microsoft .NET now fully support broadcasting transactions

Months ago, I introduced the Hive library for Microsoft .NET developers . This library provides developers used to VB.NET and C#…

Hive & HBD price 280721

I like to watch Hive and HBD closely, and will continue to do so. 0.509 USD (+) up from 0.291 USD,

Bitcoin up to 38,217 on July 27 2021 - VOTE NOW

Bitcoin up to 38,217 on July 27 2021 - VOTE NOW ![image.png](

Metamask corrupted

And people actually trust this thing? Seems like a real point of weakness to me. This is the third time this has happened and I have…

That was the BTC top right?

1 BTC = 37,140 USD up from 29,800 on July 19th 2021 63,480 was the top of this cycle right? Strap in and accumulate BTC, see you…

I think Hive replaces web pages

And there are some amazing solutions like the magic upload, where does the image go? This is uploaded to files.peakd thank you @peakd…

Voting Power Restored

I am looking at todays statistics from @arcange and there are several things that stand out, from monthly active users to number of posts…

Cathy Wood, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk talk Bitcoin

This is too interesting to be listening to and not share. There are timestamps in the description but you can skip ahead to 1hr 40 mins…

Bitcoin is rising 220721

Fallen from 36,387 down to a low of 29,572, Bitcoin rises to 32,597 on July 22 2021 ![image.png](

Initiate Voting Pause

My voting power is down to 70.24% I am posting this and setting a countdown timer to remind myself when I can vote again. HiveStats…

Which way will BTC go next? 200721

Which way will BTC go next? 200721 I use dPOLL to ask you Which will BTC hit first? Since it was $34,629 on Jan 13 2021 LOW…

Hive prices 190721

I like to watch Hive and HBD closely, and will continue to do so. 0.291 USD (-) down from 0.407 USD,

2121 Project - Who wants a Recurring Transfer?

I want to play with the new features so I am going to give away up to 9.261 Hive using recurring transfers. You can receive 0.021 Hive…

Empty Set Dollar - A look at this coin

Empty Set Dollar (ESD) ₿0.00000340 (+19.8%) "an algorithmic stablecoin built to be the reserve currency of Decentralized Finance."…

Mark Carney on NFTs: Money is Trust

Over the past 5 years I have found it extremely interesting to listen to the opinions different government employees and banking…