Splinterlands Season End - Rented to Silver I with Higher rental fees and Lower Rewards

My highest card I received this season was a Rare Naga Assassin. I was hoping for something a little higher but I will take what I can…

Splinterlands Lesson Learned - I missed up renting then bit the bullet and continued

This game is very addicting and fun to play. There are so many different aspects of the game that will keep you engrossed in it for hours…

HivePUD - Fourth time to participate in a Row

It is my pleasure to be able to participate in today's Hive Power Up Day #HivePUD This will be my fourth month in a row to be able to…

My Goal To Accumulate for Long-Term

With the pump in Hive, it may seem counterintuitive to not take some of the profit. Hive reached $3.00 so why not cash in and move the…

Splinterlands - Gelatinous Cube Card Very Under Rated

Sometimes you come across a card that just seems like it costs to much mana to be useful in any matches. There are cheaper cards out…

Splinterlands - Earthquake Kills Me But Never Again

Splinterlands is a Play2Earn Hive Blockchain based game. Cards for game play can be purchased in packs or won during game play. These…

Rising Star - 2nd Zone Local Gig Circuit

A few weeks ago, I post about how it was very important to keep your ego in check. Today, I will share about the requirements for…

Stacking Hive amid all the Volatility - Still My Goal

I have noticed there are people that like to chase the big shining objects or the Tokens that are pumping. After watching the crazy ups…

Splinterlands Season End - Renting is paying Off, Rewarded Gold Epic Djinn Chwala

Season End Performance Report I ended the Season in the Silver III League with a rating of 1673. I was able to win just over half (194)…

Still Accumulating - But Noticed An Investment Opportunity in Punks On Hive

The Crypto market sometimes is very interesting and fast moving. If you are very risk adverse you should not watch all the ups and…

The Time is Now To Accumulate - Don't Put It Off Until Tomorrow

Another week with big ups and downs. Hive pumped to over $1.15 and then fell back and is hovering around $0.81 which was close to where…

Splinterlands - Purchased my 1st Chaos Legion Card Pack

Purchased Pre-Sale Pack I am now the proud owner of one of the pre-sale Chaos Legion Card Packs. Yes, I have only bought one pack so…

Rising Star - Fans increase your Ego if you do not have the Skill

I have now been playing Rising Star for three weeks. I start a mission first thing each morning. Since your Drunk (Temporary) Fans wake up…

1 SPS Airdrop per day = 1 pack open per week after voucher needed time ends

Not earning a full voucher For those of us who will not earn a full voucher before the end of vouchers needed there is a light at the…

November 1st Hive Power Up Day Participation

I have been saving my extra liquid hive so that I can participate in this month's Hive Power Up Day. This will be my third time to…

Splinterlands - Top Blockchain Dapp, Good for Game and Great for Hive Platform

There are new players joining Splinterlands everyday. In fact, it is the #1 Blockchain Dapps by users over the past 24 hour period.…

Splinterlands - SPS, Vouchers, Packs and Decisions

I am a relatively new player to Play2Earn and more specifically Splinterlands. I started playing Splinterlands about a month prior to the…

No Matter What - I am Accumulating for the Long Term

Wow, what a week. Pumps and dumps all over the place. What will it be next? It is sort of distracting if you allow it to be. I did…
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Farming tales WAX game to the moon + Farming tales NFT airdrop

New WAX game just changed the NFT / Play 2 Earn market Farming Tales. Every thing you need to know about this industry changing game. Some…

Six Months on the Hive Blockchain - What I Have Learned

I am a numbers guy by profession, an Accountant. I am now retired and enjoying it. I especially love the Hive Blockchain and the…