HivePUD - Starting Off 2022 With a Power Up - Fifth time to participate in a Row

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It is my pleasure to be able to participate in today's Hive Power Up Day #HivePUD This will be my fifth month in a row to be able to participate. I save up Liquid Hive during the month so that I can power it up on the first day of the month.

HPUD 2021 badges.PNG

I am starting the year off by participating in the HPUD as I am hoping to participate in every HPUD in 2022. There are 21 hours left for any of you that would also like to participate.

HPUD Countdown clock.PNG

So let's get started powering up. I was able to save 46.580 Liquid Hive throughout the month. My starting Hive power is 559.225 prior to powering up.

Beginning Hive Balance.PNG

I powered up all of the liquid hive that I had which was 46.580 just short of the HPUD 2nd level badge of 50 Hive.

Hive Power UP.PNG

After powering up of liquid hive I now have 605.805 Hive powered up. My plan is to participate each month in the hive power up day by saving enough throughout the month. This helps ensure that I work to get enough liquid hive to always be able to power up on the first of the month.

Balance after Power UP.PNG


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Congratulations @darmst5339! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 10 HIVE on Hive Power Up Day!
Wait until the end of Power Up Day to find out the size of your Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

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🙌🏻 Did also participate yet. Great event, the PUD and I love those little bee badges 🐝


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I plan on participating in the morning tomorrow. The HP adds up over time and you can start earning more over time.

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That's great @darmst5339
Well done mate for saving and investing
Have a blessed and successful New Year:)


Thanks @benthomaswwd I wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year.



@benthomaswwd! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @darmst5339. (1/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.


Thank you my friend
Much appreciated

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Not that it is any of my business but I see you have 785HP delegated. You actually have more HP delegated than you do for your own voting and resource power.

You might consider reorganizing so you have 1,000HP and then delegating the remainder would give you a much better return on your curation and content creation.


I have around 1000HP delegation to me from others. I have under 100 delegated out to others. I was awarded some from the 30 day content challenge and the other half was awarded from the iamalivechallenge.



Nice that is cool to have so much HP delegated to you from two challenges. 👍


Yes. It is very important to take advantage of presented opportunities


It is but if I might add as long as those opportunities do not derail your current business plan 😀


That is the truth. I always try to work within my current business plan. Or after considerable due diligence determine that it is best to add it to my business plan or adjust my business plan accordingly.