My Goal To Accumulate for Long-Term

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With the pump in Hive, it may seem counterintuitive to not take some of the profit. Hive reached $3.00 so why not cash in and move the money somewhere else so that you have it for later.

However I can not foretell the future but I do believe that with all of the established use cases, the upcoming airdrops that have been recently announced and the exposure to other crypto investors , Hive has a long way to go (up) in the Long-Term. So my goal will to stay the course and continue to accumulate Hive and the associated H-E tokens.


I established new monthly and year end goals. Here is the post reflecting the goals I will be tracking:

Hive Target

I can share lots of reasons (excuses) why I am not doing better with my accumulation. But I do not believe that you should focus on the excuses. You should understand why you did not meet your targets and then do something about that so that you can do better next time. It may be that you overestimated your target to begin with or that the market forces changed so that your plan does not work the same.

It really does not matter what the reason, you just need to adjust and keep going forward.

My curation APR has dropped to 3.9%. This is not very good and I should be doing better than that. I will be looking at how I can improve that metric in the weeks ahead


This chart shows a very nice upward trend but is it good enough to meet my targets since I am still slightly behind where I was hoping to be?


CTP Target

There will be a new CTP staking challenge that starts on December 1st. I am not staking so that I can do better in that challenge. I also need to work on my CTP accumulation because I am not trending like I had planned.


Alive Target

The ALIVE token pays dividends on a daily basis in BRO and PGM. By accumulating more ALIVE tokens, I am also increasing my holding in BRO and PGM as well. The bad news is that I am behind where I would like to be in my accumulation of ALIVE tokens.


LEO Target

I am working on improving my LEO holdings. However, I must not fully understand how the curation rewards are calculated as I earn curation rewards on some post and not on others. The best option is to just increase my staked holdings of LEO so that my curation rewards start being at least 0.001 on all of the posts that I curate.

I am doing better toward my accumulation LEO target than my CTP or ALIVE so that is at least a some bright spot in the scheme of things but still not where I would like it.



My focus on Hive is paying off, I have achieved 92.6% of my monthly target. The next closest is LEO at 42%. So as you can see, my accumulation of the H-E Tokens has fallen way behind where I would like it to be. I am a little disappointed in my progress but that is no reason to stop what I am doing. I just need to understand why I did not do as well as I had hoped, adjust accordingly and continue to focus to do better going forward.



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