Stacking Hive amid all the Volatility - Still My Goal

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I have noticed there are people that like to chase the big shining objects or the Tokens that are pumping. After watching the crazy ups and downs this week, I think it would be interesting to know how many people actually bought lower than the price is currently for their tokens.

I prefer to slowly accumulate Hive and the associated Hive Engine tokens and not try to chase the price. Several tokens are up while others are down not because Bitcoin's volatility but because people are trying to get in before those crypto/tokens jump in price.

Hive is looking to have more staying power than some of the other cyrptos. I am very pleased to be accumulating on the Hive Platform.


I established new monthly and year end goals. Here is the post reflecting the goals I will be tracking:

My Travels impact my Activity

My targets are very aggressive that I set for myself and on top of that I increased them by 15% each month since they were established. This is a double edged sword: 1) It really keeps me on my toes to be active in the blockchain which helps increase my holdings more than setting an easily achievable goal, 2) Unexpected events like traveling can really put pressure on my expectations to meet the targets I have set for myself.

As you can see in the below chart, my activity is good however you may notice a few days this week where my activity dipped to a low level. I was traveling during that time period and did not take my traveling into consideration. I plan on adjusting my schedule to be more flexible so that does not occur as drastically in the future.



When planning, ensure you add time in your schedule for unexpected activity. Traveling was mine for last week but I can also see the holidays fast approaching which will also need to be taken into consideration in my activity schedule.

Overall, I still added to my holding and I will continue to focus on increasing my holding to get closer to my targets for the reminder of the year.




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