I Can't Make You Love Me

Here's a song that I really like to sing... I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. Made famous by George Michael and attempted by…

My Wallet Has Been Hacked!

As if I can afford to lose any more money! I've not been able to play any gigs this past year so any crypto I earn is very precious to…

Nothing's In My Way

Here's a little video I made using only: Huawei P20 Pro Smartphone Telescopic Selfie Stick InShot Video Editing App I shot…
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ACOM Presents: 'Crypto For Collectibles' 😎

We are totally pumped to declare the partnership of another venture that has been three years in the making, and it begins wit

Cub Finance's Audit report is in.

Cub Finance has been audited by Certik , and the results are in. Overall, the project rates very highly and live monitoring currently…

Our Crypto Journey ~ How Did Yours Start?

Your Crypto Journey ~ How Did It Start? I'd confidently say that NONE of us are true Cryptocurrency Financial Advisors, are we…

Just Live The Moment ~ Music For Life ~

Here's a video I created from family clips during the first UK lock-down last April. I miss these guys so so much and hope to see them…

Friday Feels ~ Lights by Darren Claxton

**This lady is my ROCK and has stuck by me through good times and bad times since 2008! She's also my biggest critic, and usually the…

Yield Farming And Hive Engine

Token Farming! What are you all using to monopolise on this Defi and Farming of Crypto revolution? [Source](

Who Loves Deacon Blue?

Deacon Blue Source Deacon Blue are arguably one of the best

Restless ~ Acoustic Music by Darren Claxton

Restless Sometimes, all that's needed is a voice and instrument ~ Welcome to my music! With al

Thorny Waves ~ Original Music for M4L

Thorny Waves is track #4 from the Little Words EP OUT NOW on all the usual streaming and download stores. The animation video was…

Introduction ~ Music For Life ~ Darren Claxton

Biography and Music Artwork by @niko3d I recently set to work on creating a Biography for my various music and social pages…

Single Artwork Contest! 30 HIVE

Welcome to my Songwriting world and an exclusive new track ~ SLOW IT DOWN & Artwork Contest for 30 HIVE I'm only uploading a 1 mi

Crypto Salad. Raymondspeaks & Taskmaster4450. Hive, Leo, Bro & Economics Lesson

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hey all, Welcome to @raymondspeaks & @taskmaster4450 weekly podcast on all that's happening in