5+ pounds..

What's up stackers.. so how much is the most gold have you held in your hand? Today was a record high for me.. 5.8 Troy pounds of…

AM Crypto Vlog for 8/8/21.

This is a cross post of @geneeverett/fw643f1whby by @davedickeyyall.No idea why Gene isn't posting here but he's dropping some nuggets


Well this is gonna be fun... so today is July 1.. HPUD.. Hive power up day.. and I ain't no HIVE.. I donated it all yesterday..…


The phisher is currently using this account with reputation 72 that is difficult to nuke: This p

I'm on fire..

Hey what's up everyone... just like the title says I've been on fire lately.. the most recent come-up...? This morning at the disc golf…

Easy money..

So I powered down some LEO and since I don't really NEED the money I decided to invest it.. a sure fire winner idea.. Improve my CUB…

Wen Project Blank ..

OMFG this would be a great #ProjectBlank post.. Did you see yesterday's #themorningbowl post where I was discussing with @hustleking about…
6 mo

Sunday Lovely Sunday - DHEDGE GIVEAWAY

DHEDGE DHEDGE is a hive-engine token that gives you daily dividends (drips) of 18 different tokens if you holds it. For those who…

The morning blow..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm talking about CUB.. but also exploring ideas for future shows.. one such idea is…

A silver unboxing..

Hey what's up everyone.. so today I'm gonna show off my silver pendant I won from @monsterjamgold's NFL pool.. Now I live in Alamosa but…

The Confederate States of America..

Hey y'all I stopped in at Martin's to tie the weed plants down before heading to Taos, NM to pick up equipment for a solar install job…

A real life crypto purchase..

Hey what's up everybody.. so today I'm making a post about a real life purchase.. everyone is always saying cryptocurrencies have no "real…

A investment story..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm recounting a story thst happened yesterday.. a investment story.. It does make me…

A $35,000 coin..

So today I was over at my friend Martin's house and we were talking about this and that.. just bullshitting really when he brings up that…

Week 2

So today is the second week since the beginning of the year and I've started keeping track of my curation rewards.. I'm not sure what…

Week 1

Well it's been a week since the first when I powered up all my tokens for the new year plus to be able to start tracking how my account…

Moving forward..

So I'm a regular curator/ commenter here on Leofinance.io. I've read many articles on APR, ROI and a bunch of other alphabet bullshit..…

How Are You Celebrating Bitcoin Over 20k? The Daily Contest

What Bitcoin is over 20k! This day is going to be history in the cryptocurrency world like Bitcoin pizza day. On December 16, 2020…

So BTC hit 20k.. what now?

Hey what's up y'all.. so everyone and their brother has seen or posted about BTC hitting 20k.. hell probably 21k here before the day is…

Power up day

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show.. today is the 1st of the month which makes this a power up day... I powered up several…