I'm on fire..

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Hey what's up everyone... just like the title says I've been on fire lately.. the most recent come-up...? This morning at the disc golf course..



That's right for the second time I 2 weeks I won the Sunday league.. 11 people this week..



Pretty awesome right..? That's just the latest thing.. look at these stats from last night's poker session..



Yeah that's all well and good.. but this is leofinance.io and it's supposed to be about crypto...



It IS about crypto.. and fire...

BONFIRE to be exact.. so my friend Shawn (dumber than me) has a friend named Hunter (smarter than Shawn and I combined) dropped a Facebook post that Shawn shared with me..



Yeah I'm a huckleberry.. I'm willing to bet half of my disc golf profits on it..



If you wanna explore further here's the address for BONFIRE


Peace out y'all.. Dave