A Wealthy Person thinks more about ideas, creativity, solutions, innovation, investments and impact.

The reasoning direction and creative capacity of a man determines his class in life. [Source](

Still on Investment

Staking up some of crypto like HIVE are undervalued, and Hive have the potentials to rise exponentially with time. Another exponential…

Wealth Transfer and Equality

Futuristic Investment secures peoples loyalty and financial supports in the nearest future. Financial liberation helps become better in…

Financial Freedom Investment🤔

Recently! I have seen the trend and potential of cryptocurencies like #Hive and #Ethereum matching and eventually outmatching Bitcoin in…

The Digital World 🤔🤔

Awesome! We can all benefit from the abundance and expansion of the digital world. [Source](

What makes you feel better daily??

It is certain that when one feels better, he will definitely be in a good state of health and mind which will make him more creative and…

A difficult time in your life?

*There is no courage without fear. No matter how valiant a man can claim to be, there is always a difficult moment where you need wisdom…

Managing financial resources to the end of financial abundance

To manage means to control, handle something or a situation with skills Hello great minds. Welcome to my page @davidbolu34 In…

Building lasting, healthy and peaceful relationships

We are not designed to live in isolation, but it neccesary to know how to relate with others atleast with some level of peace and…


Winning a Lottery is a situation whereby a success or outcome is governed by chance. Lottery can be won by buying numbered tickets…

Five (5) Current Goals: Part 1, #8. Blogging Challenge Question.

A life without goals is a life without focus, direction and discipline. Having specific goals per time is a necessity required to be…

Fear of Financial Insecurity / Irresponsibility is Fainting.

Welcome to my blog @davidbolu34. [My photo taken with Huawei Y6] Kindly spare me few minutes of your valuable time as i share…

ETHEREUM (ETH) still cooking? Please I want some 😓😓

Ethereum is more like the current sliver digital P2P currency after Bitcoin. Unfortunately! I don't any amount of Ethereum even thou…

My Observations and Suggestions on Community Governance and Equality Goals

Interesting talks on community governance @vempromundo with reference to @trostparadox post and all the comments on the post. ***I also…


What is HIVE FIVE? Hive blockchain in another five years! ☺️ What inspired HIVE FIVE? I saw an inspiring recent post we've got…

Crypto Tokenization Distribution Insight and Foresight

Crypto Tokenization already opened the way for me and obviously countless others as a viable way to earn income in this digital advancing…

Is Knowledge power or Applied knowledge ? 😃😃

knowledge is familiarity, awareness, understanding of something or someone such as facts, information, skills, acquired through experience…

Cryptocurrency Tokenization is the balance for financial freedom

Indeed! Digital Network is the valued secret to abundance equality wealth creation. We all have the chance to create our world and live…

From Grape to Wine requires Pressing and Pressure

source I realized there's no overnight total success