RE: Community Is Everything In Crypto!

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I like that he has his microphone on a rice cooker spoon (spatula? No sure what we call it in English. In Japanese we say shamoji so that's what I always use)

So... that's what jumped out at me first in the video.

I like his overall message. Fun, community. I think that extends beyond crypto. Life should be fun. Hobbies, work. If it's not fun, why do it? And finding a positive community is also very important.

I'm the wrong person to talk about how to stand out. The Hive communities I've been trying to grow haven't fared too well, which shows my lack of instinct in standing out from the crowd. That said, I think Leo could already stand out from the crowd of related projects. Our problem, Hive's (and before that, Steemit's) problem has always been the lack of PR. No one knows about us. Get Leo (and Hive) on more exchanges, do advertising to get more people aware of this great ecosystem.

As you say, we have an amazing community here. Make people more aware of it and we stand out from the competition automatically by just doing what we already so.

(hope that made sense. It's late here and I'm tired)

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