BSCBridge | 2nd Week Report

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Here is another week of BSC Bridge report :)

BNB > HIVE Bridge

This week, there was an issue with the BNB > HIVE Bridge with how the API was structured. This caused old transactions to repeat themselves, due to this, I disabled BNB > HIVE bridge for the time being until I manage to find an adequate fix.

One major issue with BSC (same thing with ETH) is there is no "streaming" or easy get_block operation, in a sense, how get_block works on Hive is that when a developer runs, lets say, get_block(100000) it returns all the transactions in detail for the block number 100000 -- however... For BSC and ETH, when you use get block, it only returns all the transactions included in that block. In tx hash format. Which means the data is nearly useless, as the app has to parse every single transaction hash to locate the one incoming to the actual BSC Bridge address. This puts a strain on the nodes, lags the app and potentially results in temporary rate limiting by the node.

So basically, until I can manage to find a decent replacement for the API structure/Transaction tracking for BNB/BSC side of the things, I have to disable BNB > HIVE transfers.

Although I'd like to note, if there is anyone who is looking to do this transfer, please do contact me. I'd help you out anyways. (And you might end up testing the new system if it's done by then.)

HIVE > BNB Bridge

From May 9th, 2021 to Today (May 16th, 2021, as of this post) HIVE > BNB Bridge's HIVE volume was: 14473.061 HIVE. That is nearly 15k HIVE transferred, a considerable increase in comparison to last week. If this keeps up, I might just lower the fees :)

On the other hand, I have been adding up to the BNB pool, as opposed to just keeping minuscule amounts, it keeps close to 2 BNB at a time now, so it is able to handle higher HIVE > BNB transactions at once. Moreover, I am currently testing an auto-refill system so BNB wallet can be refilled when/if a transaction drains it while I am asleep.

That's it for this week's BSC Bridge report. Let me know if you have any questions.

What is BSC Bridge?

BSC Bridge is a service that offers instant HIVE > BSC (BNB) conversions (As well as BNB > HIVE, but that's currently under maintenance. For more details, check out the BSCBridge Website.

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