What is decentralised finance (DeFi) and how is it different from traditional finance?

I must start by thanking @vlemon and @culgin for this opportunity to bring a contest on such an important topic today. I invite everyone…

What is Defi?

This post was created to participate in the Defi Campus Writing Contest #1 I have seen the term 'DeFi' quite often recently even on…

How DeFi unbanks the banked

It was a common narrative for ICO projects to "bank the unbanked" during the 2017 ICO fever. Fast forward by 3 years, we do not really see…

How much do you need to get started with DeFi?

In order to get started with DeFi, it is hard not to own some ETH. While there are many platforms/blockchains that boast that they are in…

New Hive community in town! Announcing the launch of DeFi Campus!

I have been exposed to DeFi for a year now. Through this year, I have been continuously reading up and exposing my portfolio to it. My…