Spending Crypto Earnings Doesn't Pinch...??

Is it just me, or isn't it incredibly easy to spend crypto profits without feeling the pinch of the money leaving your pocket? As far…

This @Leofinance Tweet is Making me FOMO in on $LEO and $BLEO.

As of 19 hours ago, the LeoBridge status has been upgraded to the "soonest of soons" status meaning it is about to be launched very…

$RUNE or $BNB: Which one do you buy?

I have been struggling with this very question over the past week. For some, the choice is simple. It is not a question of 'this versus…

The Psychology of 'STACKING SATS!'

Getting into crypto, one of the first things you hear is, diversify. Diversification means something different to the next person. You…

Diamond Hanz | The Perfect Skin for Every Crypto Ape.

Apart from being an unexceptional obsessed crypto nerd, I will often fire up my potato laptop and log onto Epic Games to play Fortnite…

$1 HIVE is just the beginning...

Hive hit one dollar earlier today and for the first time in a while I am seeing more excitement about hodling rather than dumping into the…

$CUB/USD | Why I FOMO'ed hard on $CUB!

On Saturday the 13th of March we had our first AMA livestream dedicated to cubdefi and plenty was talked about giving those of us who are…

CUBDEFI | Becoming a Liquidity Provider and How You Can Be One Too!

On Monday this week, I went to bed a boy and emerged a DeFi scrub after going over the documentation section on CubDeFi . ![Pink and…

How to add CUB to your Metamask wallet.

It has been just over 24 hours since Cub Finance went live bringing with it incredibly high value yield farms (at least at the moment)…

ETH | Inverse "Head and Shoulders" makes the dream work.

Hi! It is me again. Your favorite* spot trader here with another technical analysis chart that is not $RUNE. ![Green Video Game…

LeoInfra Onboarding Report and Dev Updates

LeoInfra is our onboarding system for the Hive blockchain. Each day, new users on are creati

RUNE | Bulls keep accumulating under $4.

Bitcoin sneezes and the entire cryptoverse catches a cold. That was true today as a bunch more margin traders, unfortunately, got…

Not sure what to do with your Hive Power ... Do This!

Picture this... *You have just over 1000 Hive Power, your curation rewards are not that great and you are proba

$RUNE | Sometimes going with your gut is a good trading strategy!

On Saturday at around 5 A.M EAT, I was just about to get ready for bed. I have a poor sleep cycle normally but this time around it became…

RUNE | Catching Retracements for Quick Scalps.

If you haven't grabbed a piece of the RUNE pie, what are you doing? Source: Image It wasn't long ago when RUNE was trading under…

ONTOLOGY | A Crypto Scalper's Wet Dream.

Before I get into Ontology, let's recap the last chart and trade that I put up on LTC. You can go over it here: [Day Trading: Litecoin…

Day Trading: Litecoin could provide a short-term buying opportunity.

When I am not passing the time re-watching matches of inspirational wins by Man United you will find me looking for scalps in the crypto…

Freedom Decentralized: Leo's sister project is the start of a freer society.

Microblogging on a blockchain level! I think the value of having a decentralized 'Twitter' or 'Parler' on the hive blockchain is…

Financial Goals 2021: Doubling Down and HODL...HODL...HODL!

The year 2020 was perhaps not the worst year for me considering we were in the middle of a terrible pandemic which my government (Kenya)…

I made it into the largest power up's yesterday | Here is why!

I was browsing Twitter yesterday and randomly came across a tweet by @niallon11 who was the largest power up on the 28th of December.…